The Phrasee Pledge

Empowering marketers to become more AI-savvy in 2020

Our mission began in 2015 when we founded Phrasee to empower marketers with AI-Powered Copywriting. We believe that this technology represents one of the greatest opportunities for marketers over the next decade. AI-Powered Copywriting is the next frontier in digital marketing.  

The AI knowledge gap

The promise and application of AI in marketing is very real and exciting. Yet we find ourselves in a situation where marketers are seriously struggling with understanding how AI works and how it can transform their marketing efforts.  

A study by Vitreous World based on a survey among global marketers confirms that: 

  • 67% don’t fully understand how to make the most of AI to deliver results.  
  • 68% think AI has become a buzzword that marketers don’t really understand. 
  • 70% say they don’t use it, and a further 8% don’t know if they do or not.  
  • 67% don’t know how to evaluate the different AI technologies available to their businesses. 

This isn’t good. For anyone. The lack of knowledge is costing companies £/$ millions in incremental revenue. According to Microsoft research (‘Maximising the AI opportunity’), organizations already on the AI journey are outperforming other organisations by 5% on factors like productivity, performance, and business outcomes.  

To be clear, it’s not marketers who are at fault here. It is confusing. AI is a buzzword; it is difficult to cut through the hyperbole and understand what’s actual AI and what’s BS. And it’s hard to know the tech that will make a real difference and where tech exists for tech’s sake. 

When Phrasee first started out, AI wasn’t the big buzzword it has now become. Since then, many other vendors have entered the market, which has caused a lot of the confusion.  

AI Power Hours to educate and empower marketers

Our mission has always been to empower marketers and we’re going to put our money where our mouth is in 2020, committing to enlighten 500 marketers about the  AI opportunity over next 12 months.  

Brands making the most of AI marketing applications are reaping huge rewards – eBay, Domino’sGroupon and Virgin Atlantic to name a but a few. At Phrasee, we have defined AI-Powered Copywriting and we want marketers to be better informed and feel empowered about the exciting possibilities of the technology as we enter a new marketing era.  

The surge in online content has created an unprecedented demand for skilled copywriters. These talented folks are in short supply, however, and brands can’t afford to hire all the copywriters they need to keep up with the demand. 

Tech companies have poured millions of dollars into research on applying AI to many facets of the marketing mix – segmentation, personalization and the like. But not copywriting. No one believed it was possible for AI to write… not just like a human… but better than a human. This is just one example of where AI has transformed marketing. There are many others.  

Our commitment in 2020 is to open up our exclusive AI Power Hours. These are a series of information sessions we’re hosting over the coming year. They can be held in the morning (AI-Powered Breakfast anyone?) or over lunch – the choice is yours! There’s no cost, no obligation, no catch and no BS associated. Our goal is to bust the myths, share the facts and show 500 marketers the way forward to create a level-playing field for an AI-powered marketing world 

And that’s our pledge to YOU.   


You can register your interest below, or email to join one of our exclusive AI Power Hours.  

Our hope is that marketers everywhere will be empowered with the knowledge, tools, and prowess to maximize one of the greatest forces shaping our industry today.  


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