Phrasee Climbs Aboard to Help P&O Cruises Diversify its Marketing Messages

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P&O Cruises is at the pinnacle of commercial cruising, offering holidays on some of the world’s largest and most modern liners. The company had a feeling that its brand language was working – but it was only a feeling, given that it was based on human instinct.

To raise customer engagement to the next level, P&O Cruises’ marketing team wanted to validate – or else subvert its instincts with hard data, freeing its process of human bias (including longheld assumptions like: “long subject lines can’t possibly work!”). 



P&O Cruises felt that AI-generated language could make its communications more diverse and boundary pushing, raising the company’s engagement to its full potential.  

Without further ado, Phrasee climbed aboard to help boost open rates and bring P&O Cruises closer to fully understanding its customers and the language they respond to.  


With the help of Phrasee’s AI content, P&O Cruises has been able to craft winning promotional and content-based emails grounded in data rather than gut feel. In a whopping 100% of cases, Phrasee’s AI-powered copy has outperformed human-controlled lines – often with lengths and styles P&O Cruises’ marketers had never imagined could work.  

P&O Cruises subject lines

The results came as a surprise to P&O Cruises, but not to us: Phrasee’s research on the relationship between linguistic features (like length or word choice) and performance shows that it isn’t one feature in isolation that causes uplift – it’s overall campaign language diversity. 


With Phrasee constantly testing fresh tones, styles, words, and phrases against P&O Cruises’ audience, the power of language diversity is played to maximum effect. The proof is in the results: promotional campaigns with an 18% click increase and 13% open rate uplift, meaning a whole lot more customers setting sail with P&O Cruises. 

P&O Cruises results

Optimizing email subject lines is just the beginning of this journey – the next stop for P&O Cruises is optimizing its trigger campaigns (such as abandoned basket and abandoned browse). 

“It’s endlessly fascinating how Phrasee manages to find patterns and trends that we just wouldn’t know by ourselves. Each quarterly report shows that our performance has improved since we’ve started using Phrasee. That and the fact that Phrasee’s copy always beats ours!”
Matthew Cooper – Email Marketing Manager P&O Cruises

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