AI-powered Push Notifications and SMS Messages That Click With Your Customers

Tired of being ignored? Get AI-powered SMS and push notifications that get attention and keep up with customers on the go.

AI for SMS marketing and push notifications

Reach Your Customers With Targeted and Effective Messaging

In a mobile world, push notifications, and SMS messages are an effective way of driving customer engagement and retention. But, in a crowded marketplace, the challenge is cutting through the noise with meaningful messages and notifications that prompt user action.

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Generate the best content instantly

Click Phrasee’s “magic button” and generate powerful push and SMS messages trained on years of data to accurately predict what will engage your audience.

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A consistent brand voice across your channels

Build trust across your mobile channels. Phrasee’s content AI is trained on your brand guidelines to generate content in your brand’s desired tone and style.

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Test and scale winning content

Every Phrasee send is an A/B/N experiment where Phrasee-generated messages compete against a human control to find the best-performing message for your audience.

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Gain valuable customer insights

Understand how your audiences’ language preferences change by channel and discover what copy elements drive desired behaviors.

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Phrasee Seamlessly Integrates With Your Existing Tech Stack

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Create Personalized, Engaging Text Messages

Phrasee’s generative AI crafts on-brand text messages that adhere to SMS marketing best practices to build trust and engage your mobile subscribers.

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AI-powered Push Notifications

Automatically generate high-performing push notifications and conduct A/B/N testing to optimize results and learn how your customers respond to your notification messaging.

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