Smash Your KPIs With AI Content Optimization

Phrasee’s AI content optimization makes it easy to test, learn and optimize your messaging to maximize engagement and ensure every campaign gets the best results.

AI optimized copy variants in the Phrasee platform

Automated experimentation

Ensure Your Best Messages Reach the Most People

Maximize success and minimize risk by testing first, then scaling winning content with Phrasee’s automated experimentation. Every send is an A/B/N test where AI-generated message variants compete against a human control to find the best-performing message for your audience based on the metric you want to optimize.

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Dynamic optimization

Say Goodbye To Testing Wait Times With Real-time Optimization

Phrasee’s dynamic optimization is the world’s first AI solution that automatically optimizes experiments in real time. Using a multi-armed bandit derivative specific for email, push, and SMS, Phrasee adjusts the distribution of your message variants on the fly to ensure the best-performing variants are sent to the biggest possible audience.

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Automate email A/Bn tests with AI

Performance prediction

Create Content Based on Data. Not Gut Feeling

No more internal back and forth about the optimal length of a message or the perfect placement of that emoji. Phrasee’s AI-generated content has been trained on millions of experiments to accurately and reliably predict the message elements most likely to engage your audience.

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AI helps you understand what copy resonates with your audience


No-hassle Integration With Your Existing Tech Stack

Phrasee integrates with all leading ESPs, CDPs, and digital engagement platforms, making it quick and seamless to push Phrasee-generated content into your campaigns, leverage Phrasee’s specialized statistical optimization, and automatically retrieve experiment results to feedback into the Phrasee platform for ongoing learnings.

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How to use AI to generate on-brand marketing copy

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Time to generate on-brand, AI-optimized messages


Increased content output


Increase in avg engagement rate

Optimize Your Marketing Efforts for Better Results

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