Become a New Customer Magnet With AI for Social

Acquire more customers through your organic and paid social channels with Phrasee’s AI content.

AI for social media ads

Phrasee’s Generative AI for Social Media

From brand awareness to consideration and retargeting campaigns, Phrasee creates messages that are optimized to deepen engagement through your social media ads and posts.

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Generative AI that has an immediate impact

Click Phrasee’s “magic button” and generate compelling copy for your social media campaigns trained on years of data to accurately predict what will engage your audience.

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A consistent brand voice across your channels

Build trust across your social channels. Phrasee’s content AI is trained on your brand guidelines to generate content in your brand’s desired tone and style.

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Test and scale winning content

Every Phrasee send is an A/B/N experiment where Phrasee-generated messages compete against a human control to find the best-performing message for your audience.

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Gain valuable customer insights

Understand how your audiences’ language preferences change by channel and discover what copy elements drive desired behaviors.

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Phrasee’s Content AI Integrates With Leading Social Platforms

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Content That Stands Out in the Social Media Jungle

Fill your marketing funnel with captivated audiences. Phrasee’s AI-generated content is optimized based on performance data to cut through the competitive social media landscape and get more of your potential customers clicking.

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An Automated Test-and-Learn Approach to Social Ads

Phrasee automates the process of testing, learning and iterating your messaging so that you can rest easy knowing your audience is constantly receiving the most effective messaging.

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