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Content Generation:
Generate content quickly & at scale

Flexible enterprise pricing

Get the industry’s most natural-sounding AI content with built-in safety and controls. Phrasee’s easy, intuitive interface guides marketers to better results without the need to be a prompt whiz. Billed annually.

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  • Unlimited content creation
  • Unlimited seats
  • Industry-leading brand voice and style guide controls
  • Performance prediction baked into every generation
  • AI-powered content across your digital channels – email, ads, blogs/articles, product descriptions, social media posts, SMS, push notifications and web/app.
Content Optimization:
AI Content that learns & adapts to your audience

Flexible enterprise pricing

Level up your marketing with AI-optimized content. Get the power of Phrasee’s unique generative AI plus optimization, personalization and data reporting capabilities all in one solution. Optimize promotions, drive purchase completion, improve loyalty & retention, and increase customer acquisition. Billed annually.

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  • All the generation features in Phrasee Enterprise Generation
  • Find the optimal message for you audience with automated experimentation
  • Seamlessly deploy your AI content with major CDPs and DXPs
  • In-platform customer insights and performance data reporting
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Dedicated customer support and strategic guidance on AI implementation




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Instantly generate on-brand content at scale.

With Phrasee’s fully self-serve UI, get AI-generated marketing messages that sound like they’ve been written by your copywriting team with a click of a Magic Button.

Test message variants instantly, in real-time.

Phrasee makes testing, optimizing, and personalizing every marketing message easy through our self-service UI and out-of-the-box integrations.

Create content based on data. Not gut feeling.

Phrasee’s AI-generated content is trained on hundreds of thousands of experiments to accurately predict what message elements are most likely to engage your audience.

Increased content output


Time to generate on-brand, AI-optimized messages


Increased avg engagement rate


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Best-in-Class, Enterprise-grade Security

We built our platform with security and compliance at its core. Phrasee’s services do not require access to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data. Our commitment to industry-leading data protection, processing and privacy is reflected in our adherence to and adoption of industry best practices, platform capabilities and certifications.


Single sign-on (SSO) authentication

AI Ethics Policy

GDPR Compliance

CCPA Compliance

Your questions answered

Our unique AI analyzes audience personas, product lines, and brand guidelines, and uses AI to generate and optimize copy unique to your brand and audience.

Phrasee’s content AI platform helps marketing teams increase clicks, conversions, customer retention, and loyalty. We do this by generating and optimizing content such as subject lines, push notifications, and CTAs that are data-backed to engage and convert our customers’ audiences. This frees up marketing teams to focus their creative skills, time, and experience toward more strategic and creative initiatives.

Tools such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and numerous other content generators that have built a solution on top of OpenAI’s models have been hitting the headlines and social media feeds.

And hats off to them. It’s pretty impressive stuff. But the content it generates needs to be vetted and tweaked. And, if you’re a marketer, how do you know if it’s goodThat’s where Phrasee comes in.

Phrasee goes beyond pure copy generation, helping enterprise marketers increase customer engagement and revenue through content optimization across their digital channels and campaigns.

While content creation is a part of our solution, we realized early on that content generation is only part of the puzzle. And that’s precisely why we focus on content creation AND optimization through performance prediction, testing, and insights to ensure that your customers receive engaging and relevant marketing messages that are always on-brand.

Not only does it sound like it’s written by a human, Phrasee can be configured to sound like your brand.

Phrasee supports your digital channels or wherever your customers are online – email, blogs/articles, social media posts, product descriptions, SMS, push notifications, and web/app.

While Phrasee doesn’t need to be integrated, there are a number of integrations availale to streamline your content generation and optimization process. For more information, check out our Partners & Integrations.

Without an integration, it’s as easy as a quick copy and paste.

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