Optimize Your Promotional Campaigns With Generative AI

Phrasee’s AI-generated promotional content cuts through the noise to help you achieve your marketing goals.

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Capture Your Audience’s Attention With Generative AI

In today’s information-flooded world, capturing and keeping your customers’ attention is becoming increasingly difficult. And crafting compelling offers isn’t enough.

Phrasee optimizes every element of your promotional messages to increase customer engagement and conversions every time you hit send. Think email newsletters, seasonal promotions, product launches, and more.


Improve Promotional Content at Scale With Phrasee’s AI

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Generate promotional copy in real time

Create diverse, on-brand promotional copy in seconds at the click of a “magic button.”

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Optimize every message automatically

Test and fine-tune your language to find the best-performing messages with Phrasee.

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Powerful predictive performance

Phrasee’s generative AI is trained on years of data to accurately predict the messages most likely to engage your audience.

Increased content output


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Understand what resonates with customers

Dive into your personalized reports to see what gets your customers clicking (and converting).

Avg email click rate uplift


Better Marketing Results Across Every Digital Channel

Go beyond email and use Phrasee to optimize your SMS, push, social, web, and app messages for an integrated, omnichannel experience.

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Ensure Your Best Promotional Messages Reach the Most Customers

It’s proven that better messages = better results. Maximize the impact of every message you send to reap the rewards and watch your engagement rates soar.

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Supercharge Your Promotional Content With Phrasee

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