AI that makes you more money.

Phrasee is AI that writes better subject lines, Facebook ads and push messages than humans.

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  • “Using Phrasee brings our CRM capability a step closer to our goal of becoming best in class for digital marketing.”

    Matt Button, Head of CRM, Gumtree

Don’t take our word for it...

Here’s how Virgin Holidays and Gumtree (a division of eBay) are increasing their revenue with Phrasee

Phrasee empowers brands with AI-powered copywriting

Out of the trillions of ways to write a subject line, push notification and Facebook ad, what are the odds your gut instinct gets it right? Pretty much nil. And you’re probably losing sales as a result of it.

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    Human sounding language, machine powered results.

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    Unique to your brand’s voice, and no one else’s.

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    Low touch, high impact. No IT changes or PII access required.

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    Provable revenue growth and ROI.

  • “Phrasee is a fascinating piece of technology and demonstrated value-add”

    Tom Kelk, Marketing Technology Manager, Lloyds Bank
  • “Phrasee’s AI has increased our email revenue by a few million pounds! Calling Phrasee’s product “awesome” doesn’t quite do it justice!”

    Saul Lopes, Customer Lifecycle lead,Virgin Holidays
  • “Email marketing is a key marketing channel for Domino’s. Phrasee’s AI honed in on what makes our audience tick… and our email results have been awesome ever since.”

    Nicola Keane, CRM Manager,Domino’s

Emotions Matter

It’s easy to rely on negative emotions (like guilt, anxiety and fear) to sell more stuff. But this is a short term plan that destroys brand equity in the long term.

Why? Because your customers’ emotions matter. Phrasee focuses on positive language to increase – and sustain – customer loyalty and engagement. Emotions matter… more than you think… join the movement by showing your support.

Emotions Matter…

…more than you think