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Let AI give your marketing team some relief

If you’re like most marketers at the world’s biggest brands, you’ve got a ton of content to pump out each day. It’s got to be relevant, high-performing, in your brand’s voice, and delivered at scale.

But maybe your team is struggling to do it all. Sure, you could keep hiring more content creators. Or you could empower your team with AI.

Phrasee gives you a powerful, easy-to-use tool to create content with a click of the magic button. We call it AI-Powered Copywriting, but all you need to know is: it’s easy, and it works. We’ll take care of stuff like email subject lines, push notifications, and social media posts – with human oversight, of course – while your team handles the more interesting stuff.

And while it’s helping your team breathe a big sigh of relief, Phrasee will deliver millions in extra revenue. How cool is that?

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    Phrasee gets you results… in days, not months. And they’re provable results. Results that make you more money.

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    Some talk the talk about brand voice. Phrasee walks the walk. We tailor the tech to your brand’s voice… and no one else’s.

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    You can’t tell whether Phrasee wrote the copy or if a human did. Your customers are human – so your copy shouldn’t sound robotic.

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    Email, push, social, web – you name it, Phrasee can do it. Using the Phrasee Phormula, you get better copy. Everywhere.

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    Phrasee is low touch and high impact. No complex IT requirements. No personal data needed. No aggravation. Just language optimization.

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    Phrasee balances the most advanced copywriting tech with human control – this creates a unique trust in the language generated whilst ensuring it has the reach and impact you need.

  • “Using Phrasee brings our CRM capability a step closer to our goal of becoming best in class for digital marketing.”

    Matt Button, Head of CRM, Gumtree
  • “Phrasee is a fascinating piece of technology and demonstrated value-add”

    Tom Kelk, Marketing Technology Manager, Lloyds Bank
  • “Phrasee’s AI has increased our email revenue by a few million pounds! Calling Phrasee’s product “awesome” doesn’t quite do it justice!”

    Saul Lopes, Customer Lifecycle lead, Virgin Holidays
  • “Email marketing is a key marketing channel for Domino’s. Phrasee’s AI honed in on what makes our audience tick… and our email results have been awesome ever since.”

    Nicola Keane, CRM Manager, Domino’s
  • “Phrasee makes you money, so you’re likely to get your bonus.”

    Gareth Jones, Former CMO, eBay UK

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