Become a subject line superhero.

Phrasee uses artificial intelligence to generate and optimise your email marketing language.

The future of email marketing language begins here.

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Creating awesome subject lines for…

And many more… in fact – you’ve probably experienced Phrasee-powered subject lines without even knowing it…

Out of trillions of ways to write something, what are the odds your gut instinct gets it right? The answer: next to none. And you’re probably losing sales as a result.

Phrasee takes gut instinct out of the equation. Instead, we use AI to generate and optimise your email marketing language and make you more money.

You get more opens, more clicks, and more revenue. Phrasee does the heavy lifting for you.

Phrasee won Best New Business and Technical Entrepreneur of the Year at the UK Business awards!


Awesome! What kind of email marketing language can Phrasee optimise?

Phrasee is AI tech built by marketers for marketers. It generates language that sounds human, and is tailored to your brand voice. The end result? Better language… in your brand’s tone of voice… and… more revenue. Oh, and it only takes you about 5 minutes per campaign.

Stunning Subject Lines.

There’s a science to awesome subject lines. Phrasee uses AI to generate subject lines that out-perform humans. Like that time we increased a customer’s revenue by 417%.

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Bold Body Copy.

Getting your email opened is awesome! But your job isn’t done. Is your body copy good enough to drive a click? Phrasee uses actual science to make it so. Up, up, and away!

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Cool Calls-to-Action.

Click here, or click there? Your calls- to-action are critical, and that ain’t no joke. Just imagine how your conversion rates will skyrocket when Phrasee’s AI optimises your CTAs for you.

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Tremendous Triggers.

Abandoned baskets, welcome campaigns, lifecycle campaigns – you spend hours setting up the programmes… so don’t set-and-forget, let Phrasee supercharge your response rates!

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Better email marketing language begins here.

Your brand’s voice.

Your brand isn’t generic… so why should your email marketing language be? Forget a stock database of spam phrases. We write language algorithms tailored to your brand, and no one else’s.

Awesome artificial intelligence.

Phrasee learns from your customers’ response metrics. It quantifies and optimises language that makes your audience tick. So forget gut feel. Say hello to marketing language science.

Use with any ESP.

Phrasee is ESP agnostic, and only takes 5 minutes per campaign. So long as you can run split tests, you’re good to go. And if you can’t, well, you got bigger problems than marketing language!

Make more money.

Better language = more opens, clicks… and revenue. Phrasee optimises towards all three metrics and uses machine learning to, simply put, make you more money. Awesome.

You want results? We got results. Awesome results.


Revenue increase on a single campaign for a ticketing website.


ROI and £2.4m incremental revenue for a holiday company.


Incremental opens on a single campaign for an ecommerce site.

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