10 Ways Top Brands Are Double-clicking With Customers

Secrets from the Phrasee data vault ... REVEALED ????

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Which words (and emojis) resonate with your audience?

Ah, marketing messages. How many hours has your marketing team spent agonizing over a single word in a subject line or an SMS? Well, agonize no more! We sent our data scientists into our Phrasee data vaults to find the words, phrases, and emojis that work (and don’t work) for the world’s best-loved brands.

From “70% off” to “free shipping,” how can you crack the code to create marketing messages that drive more clicks, conversions, and customers? In our new Orange Paper, featuring research from five years of real Phrasee data, we reveal:

  • The surprising impact of a simple “thank you”
  • Why bigger isn’t always better when it comes to discounts
  • How brands should approach Gen Z slang

and much, much more… get your guide right here. ????

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“Phrasee helped us understand how customers were engaging with different parts of those subject lines, to know where to tone down, and where to tone up certain parts of our brand language.”
Brian Tyrrell — Senior Director, Customer Marketing Platforms, Walgreens

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