AI-Powered Content for Financial Services Marketing

Drive greater personalization and targeted content at scale with Phrasee’s brand controls and enterprise-safe optimization.

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Always Compliant, Always in Control

Few industries are subject to as many rules and regulations as financial services, so the ability to send industry-compliant, brand-compliant messages is crucial. With Phrasee, you always get the final say over the messages you send. Our AI works hand in hand with your marketing team to make sure every message is perfectly on point.

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94% of financial service organizations trust generative AI

From Quotes to Purchase Completion

Quotes are awesome, but purchase completions are even better. So how can you convert quote-seekers into customers through the magic of marketing messages? Financial services brands choose Phrasee to generate and optimize their content to get more eyeballs on it and nudge more customers into completing their purchases with messages that resonate in the moment.

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Increase Lifetime Customer Value

As a marketer in the financial services space, you’ll know why engaging your loyal customers and helping them stay on top of your latest products and services is essential. Phrasee helps brands like yours boost their lifetime customer value by always saying the right thing to the right people. We’ll help you get your customers clicking and converting time and time again.

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Financial services boost customer lifetime value with AI

Let AI Keep You Moving With the Times

The financial landscape is always evolving, and it can be challenging for your customers to keep up. Often, financial services marketing is about staying one step ahead to reassure your customers that they’re in safe, knowledgeable hands. AI-optimized content detects customer engagement trends to see what gets them clicking, keeping your marketing fresh, relevant, and compelling.

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Avg email click rates uplift for financial service brands


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Avg engagement rates uplift for financial service brands

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