Understand What Drives Content Performance

Use Phrasee’s automated language insights and performance reporting to put science and data behind words, sentiments, and more.

Phrasee's in-platform content AI analysis for linguistic and performance tracking

Know what engages your audience.

Customer preferences are constantly evolving, so it’s important to have your finger on the pulse when it comes to understanding what most engages your audience.

From messages to words and emojis, Phrasee’s language insights and performance reports enable you to understand how various elements of the content puzzle drive performance across digital channels.

Language insights

Understand What Content Elements Resonate Most With Your Customer Segments

Phrasee’s in-platform language insights reports analyze your content experiments to reveal what words, emojis, and sentiments your different audiences respond to most and how they evolve. Apply these learnings across your marketing efforts to ensure your messaging always resonates.

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Language insights in the Phrasee platform

Performance tracking

A Bird’s Eye View of How Your Generative AI is Performing

Phrasee’s platform provides granular and flexible reporting so that you can track the performance of your optimization tests, both at the individual A/B/N experiment level and at the account level across multiple experiments. Plus, we’ll show you the additional revenue you’re driving your business through leveraging Phrasee’s content AI.

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AI content performance tracking in Phrasee

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