Revitalize Your Health & Wellness Marketing with AI

Phrasee helps the world’s leading pharmaceutical, healthcare, and wellness brands nail their marketing messages to drive more engagement with AI-optimized content.

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Loved by the world’s leading health & wellness brands

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Create a Healthier Pipeline

Whether it’s vitamins, medical devices, or their regular ol’ shampoo, your customers (and potential customers) are always on the lookout for the best deals in health and wellness. Phrasee’s AI content helps them decide to spend their hard-earned dollars with you, not your competitors, with messages that resonate.

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Example use of AI in healthcare content

Get More People to Read (and Action) Your Content

Optimize your messaging in real time so that your best messages reach the most people. Every Phrasee send is an A/B/N experiment where AI-generated message variants compete to find the message that gets the most opens, clicks, and conversions. Phrasee automatically adjusts the distribution of your messaging based on this data to ensure you get more eyes on your content.

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Examples of AI generated email subject lines for Health and Wellness Industry

Send Industry-safe, Brand-safe Messages. Every Time.

Pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk is always looking for ways to improve its communications with customers, keeping them in the loop about vital innovations in medical treatment options. With Phrasee’s AI-optimized content, focused on empathetic language, Novo Nordisk drove awesome email engagement improvements.

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Novo Nordisk increases email enagement with AI generated copy

Make a Real Difference With Your Marketing

During the height of the pandemic, Phrasee helped Walgreens boost email opens about COVID-19 tests and vaccines by 30%. The result: Walgreens was able to optimize their BAU emails and achieve millions of incremental revenue.

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Time to generate on-brand, AI-optimized messages

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