10 Traits That Set Future Marketers Apart

  • August 28, 2023

By The Phrasee Team

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If you feel like “the future of marketing” happened at 6pm yesterday (and will likely happen again at noon tomorrow), you’re not alone.

In this happening-now-future, we’re living and working at the speed of emerging technologies. Customer expectations are higher than ever, and, for marketers, customer experience is priority number one. Luckily, emerging technologies really are here to help you meet the industry’s most pressing needs.

In the next era of marketing, AI will be a true partner. Able to handle things like the relentless production of branded messaging, they leave human creatives to focus on what they’re best at—and what machines will never be able to replace—creativity.

The marketers who will succeed in this future are adapters; forward-thinking professionals who understand that change is afoot and that they need to embrace it to be able to benefit from it. The marketers of the future are not afraid to take risks. They are customer-focused, agile visionaries open to sharing their ideas. Sound like you?

Let’s dive deeper into the characteristics and practices that define the “marketers of the future”—the ones who are going to lead the way!


1. Embracing Ambiguity and Calculated Risks 

The marketer of the future tolerates ambiguity well and when the only next step is to take a risk, they rise to the challenge. They realize that the status quo is their greatest obstacle, and they approach everything with an experimental, “what if?” mindset. This willingness to step into the unknown sets them apart from their counterparts who cling to safe, familiar strategies. While others hesitate, the marketer of the future seizes opportunities that lie in uncertainty, embracing change as a catalyst for growth.

“The key thing is to recruit people who are creative, resilient, and committed to delivering for customers.”
Simon Baines – Director of CRM, TUI

2. Optimism and Learning from Failure

Optimism fuels the marketer of the future. They view failure as a stepping stone rather than a setback, understanding that innovation often arises from setbacks. This optimism and a drive to continuously learn and improve empowers them to move forward despite obstacles. Unlike marketers of the past who fear failure, the marketer of the future won’t let isolated incidents cloud the potential of a good idea.

3. Openly Sharing Ideas and Engaging with the Community

The marketer of the future recognizes the power of open collaboration and enjoys sharing their ideas with the world. Independent of work, they’ll blog, appear on podcasts, and speak at conferences. This doesn’t mean they’re all extroverts! It just means that they understand the power of open-sourcing their ideas. This willingness to share insights and embrace diverse perspectives propels them ahead while marketers of the past remain paralyzed by the need to protect their knowledge from competitors.

4. Persuasion Beyond Bureaucracy

The marketer of the future excels at persuasion, effectively communicating their vision to colleagues without resorting to politics or paperwork. Their ability to inspire by building compelling arguments enables them to turn their ideas into reality swiftly. This contrasts starkly with marketers of the past who relied on rigid administrative processes and missed out on seizing timely opportunities.

5. Ownership of Success and Failure

When the marketer of the future succeeds, they give credit to their team, or to their vendors, or to their agency. When they fail, they take responsibility and take their lumps. They’re intrinsically motivated and understand that all ships, including theirs, will rise with the tide. In contrast, marketers of the past often attribute success to themselves while deflecting blame for failures onto others, stunting their potential for growth.

“After a tricky start to the Summer performance-wise, the team implemented acceleration action that kicked in as of August, and has delivered absolutely stellar performance. A massive well done to Krissy Williams and your gang of CRM superstars, and to our partners including Merkle, Adobe, Movable Ink, Phrasee and Inspired Thinking Group.”
Dan Rubel – Brand & Marketing Director, Currys

6. Drawing Inspiration from Unconventional Sources

While marketers of the past tend to draw inspiration solely from within their industry, the marketer of the future seeks innovation from a variety of sources. While never ignoring what the competition is doing, they do all they can to escape the echo chamber, finding inspiration in seemingly unrelated things. This practice allows them to introduce novel ideas and strategies that set them apart from the competition, leaving marketers of the past struggling to keep up.

7. Collaboration with Partners

In the era of interconnectedness, collaboration is paramount. The marketer of the future understands the importance of forming partnerships with agencies and vendors. They treat these partners as equals, aligning incentives and fostering mutual growth. This collaborative approach ensures that they stay ahead in an ever-evolving landscape. On the other hand, marketers of the past maintain a skeptical stance toward external partnerships, missing out on opportunities for innovation and growth.

“The technologies from both Braze and Phrasee have been a revelation to us and both brands are at the vanguard of innovation in the marketing space.”
Marissa Contreras – former Director, Retention Marketing & Marketing Operations, Sephora

8. Valuing Time and Balancing Perfection

The marketer of the future recognizes time as their scarcest resource—they know that striving for perfection can lead to missed opportunities. They don’t sacrifice quality but realize that “done” is better than “perfect” and prioritize efficient execution. This pragmatic approach enables them to deliver impactful results while their counterparts struggle with unattainable standards and unnecessary delays.

9. Embracing Technology and Innovation

Technology is the cornerstone of modern marketing, and the marketer of the future understands this deeply. They embrace emerging technologies, such as AI, machine learning, and natural language generation, seeing them as tools that enhance their capabilities rather than as threats to their expertise. By integrating technology into their strategies, they remain ahead of the curve and leverage these tools to deliver exceptional results. Marketers of the past, however, resist technological advancements, limiting their potential for growth and adaptation.

“It’s endlessly fascinating how Phrasee manages to find patterns and trends that we just wouldn’t know by ourselves.”
Matthew Cooper – Email Marketing Manager, P&O Cruises

10. Harnessing AI-Powered Content in Digital Marketing

In the digital age, language is the conduit through which marketing messages reach consumers. The marketer of the future recognizes that the language they use is the crux of their marketing campaign. Whether it’s English, or French, or Spanish, or Swahili – the language that people write and speak is what moves people to buy, become loyal or want to know more. This linguistic prowess sets them apart from marketers of the past who fail to recognize the significance of language in the digital landscape.


Embodying the Marketer of the Future

‘The marketer of the future’ isn’t some obscure concept to be realized at some indeterminate future date. With traits that include adaptability, risk-taking, collaboration, and technological curiosity, the marketers of the future are all around us, plugging away at the marketing problems of the day, looking for effective ways to solve them. We are they, and they are us.

The marketer of the future is YOU. By embodying these principles, you, too, can join the ranks of the marketers of the future, leading the way into a new era of marketing excellence.