Drive Purchase Completion With Generative AI

Target your customers with messages that take your customers from “just looking” to “just had to have it“ with Phrasee’s AI content optimization.

Example AI generated abandon cart email

Make Abandoned Carts a Thing of the Past

Phrasee automates your ability to conduct experiments across numerous content variants to generate the best messages used in trigger campaigns. Think abandoned carts to limited-time offers to retargeting ads.

You get the best AI-optimized messages for your customers. Your customers get the offer they want. Everyone wins.

With real-time, continuous experimentation, Phrasee enables you to generate the best content during a critical purchase decision stage – all proven to drive more conversions.

Drive More Purchase Decisions With AI

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Instantly generate copy in real-time

Create on-brand abandoned cart messages and more, ready for testing, in seconds.

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Test, learn, and iterate

Phrasee’s dynamic optimization automatically adjusts the distribution of your messages based on what’s performing best.

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Powerful predictive performance

Phrasee’s generative AI is trained on years of data to accurately predict the messages most likely to engage your audience.

Increase in avg engagement rate


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Understand what resonates with customers

Dive into your personalized reports to discover the best tactics for driving purchase decisions.

Time to generate on-brand, AI-optimized messages


Set It and Forget It

Phrasee’s trigger experiments for purchase completion campaigns are perfect for busy marketing teams. Once your campaign is set up, it continually optimizes your messages behind the scenes.

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Automate email A/Bn tests with AI

Currys Boosts Abandon Cart Recovery Rates

Discover how Europe’s leading electronics retailer turned abandoned carts into opportunities with Phrasee’s AI-generated email subject lines.

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Currys results from applying generative AI to its abandon cart trigger campaigns

Guide Purchase Decisions with AI Product Descriptions

Compelling product descriptions are essential in driving purchase decisions, conveying key features and value, instilling confidence, and guiding customers towards making informed choices. Automate this process with Phrasee’s Content Engine and create on-brand product descriptions backed by performance data in just a few clicks.

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Drive Purchase Decisions With AI-optimized Content

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