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Unlock the value of your email database with AI-optimized content for broadcast and trigger campaigns..

Email Marketing: Your Testing Ground for Success

As a marketer, your email lists are one of your greatest assets for communicating and connecting with customers. But are you getting the most value from this channel? Phrasee generates the best-performing email subject lines and messages we know your audiences will love. That means more opens, clicks, and conversions for all.

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Generate the best content instantly

Phrasee’s AI is trained on nearly a decade of experiments to accurately predict what will engage your audiences. Click Phrasee’s “magic button” and generate the best subject lines, pre-headers, headlines, and CTAs – all optimized for increased engagement.

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AI-generated emails that sound like your brand

No more content bottlenecks! Phrasee’s content AI is trained on your brand guidelines to generate content in your brand’s desired tone and style. Plus, our in-built approvals process gives brand guardians the last word.

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Test and scale winning content

Every Phrasee send is an A/B/N experiment where Phrasee-generated messages compete against a human control to find the best-performing message for your audience.

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Gain valuable insights from your emails

Uncover subscriber language preferences and what copywriting elements drive desired behaviors. Apply these learnings throughout your marketing to scale valuable audiences and drive ROI across your marketing efforts.

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Phrasee Seamlessly Integrates With All Leading ESPs

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Build Broadcast Emails That Stand Out in Inboxes

From promotional newsletters to product announcements to weekly digest emails and more – Phrasee generates relevant, personalized content designed to capture your subscribers’ attention.

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Phrasee Score: The Definitive Optimization Metric for Email Marketers

No more relying on noisy, isolated metrics to optimize your email tests. Phrasee Score enables you to optimize with better data by combining information from multiple metrics (opens, clicks, conversions) to create a single,  trustworthy optimization metric. If some metrics are missing, don’t sweat it. Phrasee Score adapts to your available data at each exact moment.

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Optimization metric weighted on key engagement metrics

Transform Your Trigger Campaigns

Engage or reactivate new and existing customers with the right message at just the right moment. Use Phrasee’s content AI to optimize the performance of your messaging in abandon cart emails, welcome & onboarding series, and lapsed subscriber outreach.

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