About Phrasee

Our mission is to provide marketers with AI-powered software that generates the best-performing content with enterprise-grade controls and optimization.

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Driving Unprecedented Marketing Results With Generative AI

Since 2015, Phrasee has been a trailblazer in using AI and computational linguistics to generate, optimize, and analyze marketing content in real time and at scale.

Our enterprise-grade platform enables real-time testing and optimization to determine the best-performing messages for audiences across email, SMS, push, web/app, and social campaigns.

Our platform boosts customer engagement and increases lifetime value – all while adhering to your unique brand standards and brand voice.

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Our Values

Big ideas

We are solution finders and problem solvers. We believe every single person has an Einstein-esque idea or two hidden somewhere in their brains. We love new ideas and challenging preconceived assumptions.


We tackle big ideas with a sense of urgency, high energy, and enthusiasm. Every single person, from the CEO to the new kid on the block, has the chance to make a difference here.


We have a spirit of playful discovery that allows individuals at all levels collaborate freely. We like to keep perspective – this isn’t neurosurgery. It’s okay to laugh!

“Each quarterly report shows that our performance has improved since we’ve started using Phrasee.”
Matthew Cooper – Email Marketing Manager, P&O Cruises

Phrasee in a Nutshell

We care about your brand

If we make you look good, we make ourselves look good. We care about protecting your brand and making your content sparkle.

Proven results

You have 24/7 access to reports that show what’s working, what isn’t, and what to try next, and we’re always honest about the results you’re getting.

We’re a lot of fun!

We love marketing and we take it seriously. But that doesn’t mean we’re serious. Customers love us for our fun, playful take on … well, everything.

We make you look awesome

Want a bonus? How about a promotion? Real marketers have achieved this by using Phrasee to drive better results!

Phrasee Leadership Team

Dan Head, Chief Executive Officer

Dan Medlock, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer

Jess Evans

Jess Evans, Vice President, Partnerships

Jess Filipovic, Director, Client Strategy

Jasper Pye, Vice President, Product

Rachel Belsham, Head of Content

Kasia Lomanska, Director, Global Customer Success

Tracey-Anne Green, Senior Manager, People & Operations

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