CAA Club Group Secures a 26% Average Click Rate Uplift

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CAA Club Group (CCG) communicates with its 700,000 email subscribers through its weekly email marketing campaigns that include information on travel, merchandise, the organization’s loyalty programs, and newsletters.

As one of Canada’s most trusted brands, CCG takes pride in its products and services and goes above and beyond to ensure its core purpose is integrated into everything they do. Whether its Members are on the road, at home or abroad, they are committed to helping them stay safe, mobile, and protected.

This is why the organization was keen to find new and innovative ways to increase Member and customer engagement, and stay in touch and most importantly – in tune – with its Members’ unique and changing preferences.

To do this, and to maximize Member loyalty, CCG set out to raise email engagement rates across its campaigns by optimizing the language used in subject lines.


CAA Club Group partnered with Phrasee to optimize its email campaigns for its four key segments:

  • Merchandise: Promoting its extensive range of products including luggage, travel accessories, clothing, camping, and outdoor gear.
  • Travel: Sharing details on its wide range of holiday packages and destinations.
  • Rewards: Exclusive deals for CAA Members from their favorite restaurants, retailers, hotels, and more.
  • Newsletter: Keeping CAA Members up to date on benefits and current deals and promotions.

Using Phrasee’s automated content experimentation, which seamlessly integrates with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, CCG was able to test new styles, tones, words, and phrases, and constantly pinpoint the messages that resonate best with its target audience.

After a period of AI-powered experimentation with Phrasee, which has generated almost a million incremental opens, the organization’s email marketing campaigns have been transformed.

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“Rather than using generic language or relying on our gut instinct, we can find the exact right tone for each segment. The results across our campaigns prove that it works.”
Anil Pancahal – Email Marketing & Social Specialist, CAA Club Group

By zeroing in on and experimenting with the language used in each of its email marketing campaigns – across travel, merchandise, rewards, and newsletters – CCG is able to determine what messaging resonates most with their audience to ensure that they read it and take action.

For instance, Phrasee’s sentiment analysis revealed that less urgent, more appreciative, and more helpful language is most effective for its rewards programs. Directness and curiosity proved particularly successful in travel campaigns, with action-oriented verbs and hanging sentences appealing to aspirational travel audiences. The organization’s wider Membership audience, on the other hand, responded more to urgent messages about great deals using punchy, promotional language.


Across CCG’s merchandise, travel, rewards and newsletter campaigns, Phrasee outperformed the brand’s human-controlled subject lines 97% of the time – resulting in major engagement uplifts.

26% email click rate uplift, 7% open rate uplift for CAA Club Group

The organization’s strong results are in part thanks to its willingness to trust Phrasee to “do its thing” – it leant into the AI, trusted the data, and removed human bias, leading to a strong uplift in both click rates and opens.

“AI-generated content has given us a data-driven way to drive real engagement with our email marketing.”
Avidan De Lara – AVP Digital, CAA Club Group

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