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The meal kit industry is booming amid a recent pandemic-accelerated explosion in demand for healthy, convenient, and customized home meals. For Home Chef, this means two things: more competition for market share, and a bigger opportunity than ever to differentiate with optimized online content.


The meal kit delivery company onboarded Phrasee to increase conversions and drive ROI by optimizing language for the brand’s acquisition campaign (to attract new customers) and reactivation campaign (to re-engage customers who have paused their subscriptions).

With Phrasee, the process of optimizing marketing language is not unlike devising a cooking recipe. Phrasee experiments with the ingredients in Home Chef’s email messages by testing fresh and varying sentence structures, tones, styles, and phrases – as well as introducing hundreds of new words to the brand’s activation and reactivation email campaigns. 

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By continuing to test, Phrasee learns what does and doesn’t resonate with Home Chef’s audience, and tailors the brand’s content to the evolving palate of its customers. Phrasee seamlessly integrates with Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder to scale Home Chef’s messaging to its extensive audience base. The Home Chef marketing team is able to generate email subject line variants in the Phrasee platform, which are then pulled automatically through into Salesforce Marketing Cloud to create winning campaigns. 

“Phrasee allows us to refine our recipe for success when it comes to engaging customers with our content. We can also see the real-time results and tweak our tactics based on how our customers are responding.”
Lauren MacArtney – Sr. Lifecycle Marketing Manager – Reactivation, Home Chef

Phrasee’s experimentation means Home Chef has found success with playful language to promote its inventive tactics – for example, specific boxes themed around Cinco de Mayo or St Patrick’s Day. Phrasee’s AI-powered content optimization means Home Chef can find the very best language to spread the word around each initiative. 

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All the while, the results are automatically fed back into the Phrasee platform, allowing Home Chef’s marketing team to use Phrasee’s Language Insights to access a real-time overview of exactly how customers are responding to different language approaches. 

“We’re excited by the results and look forward to a burgeoning partnership!”
Richard DeNardis – Chief Revenue Officer, Home Chef


Over nine months with Phrasee, Home Chef has secured some pretty impressive results, including a 29% average click rate uplift and a 21% average open rate uplift across its acquisition campaigns (January – September 2022).

Home Chef results

With acquisition and reactivation messaging tailored to customer tastes, next on the menu for Home Chef’s marketing team is the prospect of AI-powered social copy, and optimized content for trigger campaigns such as abandoned basket notifications.

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