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The Phrasee Pledge

Introducing The Phrasee Pledge – our commitment to empowering marketers to become more AI-savvy in 2020 and beyond.

We believe this tech represents one of the greatest opportunities for marketers in the next decade. Research however suggests a lack of knowledge about AI and what it can do – understandable given the hyperbole, but it’s costing companies £/$ millions in incremental revenue. 

Our goal with this hub is to bust the myths and show marketers the way forward, creating a level-playing field for an AI-powered marketing world.

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AI and the future of marketing

AI is changing marketing as we know it and COVID-19 provides even more clarity on what the marketer of the future looks like. We share our thinking on the revolution that’s taking place and how marketers can stay ahead of the competition.

The science bit

Hollywood and hyperbole. AI is arguably the most talked about and yet most misunderstood technology on the planet. With the help our co-founder, Neil Yager, PhD, we bust the myths and explain in plain English the power ofactual AI.

Practical advice and real-world examples

We’ve worked with the world’s best-known brands to revitalize marketing results and deliver business success. Here, we share insight from customers, industry experts and our own specialists to help you on your AI journey.

Insights and product news

We pride ourselves on being the pioneer of AI-Powered Copywriting and our technology is truly unique. You’ll find everything you need to know about our awesome tech here.

Discover how applying actual AI to language can deliver big results!