It’s time for AI to finally walk the walk for marketers (and customers!)

A customer-focused future

The promised land for marketers and customer experience was supposed to become a reality around five years ago, when AI entered the scene as the next shiny new object. And since then, AI-driven platforms and capabilities have been seen by many CMOs as “must-haves”, even though they’ve rarely lived up to the hype.  

Combine this with the complicated and ever-changing environment businesses now find themselves in. The pandemic has changed how brands connect with their customers. Communication must be mindful and attuned to the new priorities of consumers. Diverse and inclusive messaging is a must 

It’s clear that language is one of the most powerful tools a marketer has to connect and engage with their customers. The wrong language can leave us cold. But when marketers get language right, the impact can be huge.  

In this article, Matt Simmonds CPTO, explores the challenges of technology, how the pandemic as driven a surge in demand for world-class content and what that means for any customer experience strategy, and the role that language plays within that.  

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