Brand Voice or Results: How About Both?

TL;DR - Don't lose your brand voice for the sake of a quick win

  • August 7, 2023

By The Phrasee Team

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In the world of marketing, the Lance Armstrong saga serves as a cautionary tale about the delicate balance between brand voice and performance results.

Armstrong’s triumphant return to cycling after conquering cancer transformed him into an American hero, with his brand voice embodying resilience and determination. However, his downfall came when his pursuit of peak performance led him to use performance-enhancing drugs, tarnishing his brand irreparably. The story underscores the importance of authenticity and long-term strategy in keeping a strong brand voice.

The Lance Armstrong Paradox: Short-Term Gain, Long-Term Fallout

Armstrong’s story reflects a broader marketing truth – short-term gains achieved through dishonest tactics can lead to long-term damage. Just as Armstrong’s use of steroids ultimately shattered his brand image, marketers who prioritize quick wins at the expense of authenticity risk alienating their audience.

Once labeled as cheaters or spammers, recovering from such a reputation becomes an uphill battle. The question emerges: What if Armstrong had chosen a more sustainable approach, focusing on his comeback story without compromising his integrity?

As it turns out, short-termism was his kryptonite.

Balancing Act: Performance vs. Brand Voice

Achieving marketing success entails a delicate equilibrium between performance results and brand voice. The intersection of these factors makes up the “Marketing Matrix.” Marketing copy that neither performs well nor aligns with the brand voice is ineffective.

On the other hand, copy that adheres strictly to the brand voice but lacks performance falls short. Similarly, high-performing copy that disregards the brand voice may yield short-term gains but jeopardizes long-term audience relationships.


The Language Effect: AI-Powered Copywriting

The goal lies in the top right-hand corner of the Marketing Matrix – where optimal performance and brand voice converge. This synergy, known as “The Language Effect,” leads to high-performing copy that strengthens the brand. This is where AI-powered copywriting comes into play. Leveraging artificial intelligence, marketers can craft compelling, on-brand content that resonates with audiences while driving results. That’s something we at Phrasee refer to as good content.

The Lance Armstrong narrative serves as a reminder that a strong brand voice, coupled with sustainable marketing strategies, is essential for long-term success. Striving for short-term gains at the expense of authenticity can have far-reaching consequences.

By embracing the power of AI-powered copywriting and aiming for “The Language Effect,” marketers can navigate the complex landscape of brand voice and performance, achieving a harmonious blend that resonates with audiences and delivers exceptional results. Here, both CEOs and CFOs rejoice as targets are exceeded, customers connect, and your brand thrives.