AI and Content: A Match Made in the Digital Age

It’s time to embrace the game-changing impact of AI-powered copywriting.

  • August 14, 2023

By The Phrasee Team

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In a world where marketing thrives on impactful communication, the marriage of brand voice, creativity, and performance in your content is crucial.

But let’s be honest; finding this sweet spot for impactful delivery while whipping up content for countless channels and audiences can be tough.

Thankfully for marketers, AI-generated content has finally hit the mainstream and is rewriting the rules of content creation. It’s a game-changing technology that Phrasee has been honing for nearly a decade, so let’s dive into why AI is the future of copywriting and how it’s transforming the landscape.

Three Paths for Creating Content That Performs

When it comes to optimizing your marketing content, there are three paths that marketers can tread, each with its own set of advantages and considerations:

  1. Relying on Human Copywriters: While copywriters bring their expertise, this approach can lead to hit-or-miss outcomes. It’s a repetitive cycle that might not keep up with the evolving digital landscape.
  2. Reusing Successful Keywords: Rehashing previously successful phrases can lead to short-term gains. However, this can stifle brand uniqueness and fatigue audiences over time.
  3. Harnessing AI-Powered Technology: When delivered through fit-for-purpose architecture, AI offers a scalable solution to optimize marketing content without compromising brand voice.

The Downside of the Status Quo

Continuing with traditional methods might hinder progress. Relying solely on human intuition or retrofitting old keywords can limit growth and erode brand distinctiveness. As digital channels expand, the need for effective, brand-aligned copy grows exponentially.

“Rather than using generic language or relying on our gut instinct, we can find the exact right tone for each segment. The results across our campaigns prove that it works.”
Anil Pancahal – Email Marketing & Social Specialist, CAA Club Group

The AI-Powered Revolution: Phrasee’s Approach

Phrasee’s AI Content platform empowers marketers to create more impactful content – quickly and at scale. Our AI technology is revolutionizing how marketers engage and connect with their customers.

But this isn’t your ordinary AI tool. Years of dedicated refinement and development have shaped the architecture of Phrasee’s Content Engine, ensuring it’s purpose-built for enterprise marketing teams. This equips brands with high-performing, scalable, and on-brand AI content they can rely on.


From Phrasee’s webinar, Maximizing Customer Engagement with Generative AI.

The Power of Phrasee

Phrasee’s Content Engine leverages deep learning to predict copy performance better than any human can. It combines this predictive power with sophisticated brand controls that guarantees your generated content is always authentic to your brand.

The Phrasee Content Engine takes it further by injecting diversity into every generation to keep your content dynamic, fresh, and performance-driven. This entire process is underpinned by Phrasee’s platform, built with enterprise-grade security at its core.

The result? Impactful, creative content that’s on-brand and secure. At Phrasee, we simply refer to this as “good content.”


How Phrasee’s AI Works

  1. Briefing and Magic Button: Start by briefing Phrasee, then click the Magic Button – it’s that easy!
  2. AI Generation: Phrasee’s advanced Natural Language Generation (NLG) system crafts thousands of human-sounding copy variants aligned with your brand voice, distribution channel, and message context.
  3. Performance Prediction: These variants then undergo rigorous analysis using Phrasee’s deep learning model, which predicts their performance based on a multitude of parameters. This process refines the number of variants to select the most optimal messages for your campaign.
  4. Real-Time Results: All of this happens in under 10 seconds to provide your content output! The result? A batch of up to 10 high-performing copy variants, ready for use across your marketing channels.
  5. Optimization: Put your batch of variants into action as an experiment to further enhance your campaign’s performance in real time. Phrasee dynamically fine-tunes the distribution of your copy variants based on your audience responses, ensuring that the highest-performing AI-generated messages are delivered to the widest possible audience.

In today’s world, where content plays a significant role in achieving success, AI-powered content has become a game-changer. It’s time to embrace the future and harness the power of the AI as it transforms the marketing industry.

“Phrasee allows us to refine our recipe for success when it comes to engaging customers with our content. We can also see the real-time results and tweak our tactics based on how our customers are responding.”
Lauren MacArtney – Lifecycle Marketing Manager – Reactivation, Home Chef