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The marketer’s struggle: boosting numbers while staying on-brand and in sync with the customer experience

Brand voice defines how customers perceive you as a business: it can be the icebreaker; the foot-in-the-door; the trusted advisor; the loyal entertainer; but mastering all of these modes requires pitch-perfect brand language that aligns with the customer experience across all of your digital channels.

For US retail giant Best Buy, that means being a voice of compassion for customers. Kristi Wraspir, Best Buy’s CRM Strategy & Personalization Director, told us that “using our brand voice to be human and offer empathy, inspiration and support for our customers is as crucial as driving clicks.”

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But not all brands are so aligned, and it’s costing them business. When customer experiences don’t line up to customers’ expectations — which are shaped by brand messaging — customers feel betrayed. According to the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer, 40% of consumers say they no longer buy from brands they love because they do not trust the company that owns the brand.


When brand voice is out of sync with customer experience

Compromise can be a real pain sometimes. Marketers are tasked with trying to boost their numbers, but never at the expense of their brand voice – so they tie themselves in knots trying to perfect their performance and language at the same time. And they’re doing all this during a time in which the market is constantly shifting around seismic world events.

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PwC called it “experience disconnect”; a Gartner report recently referred to brands and the promises they make being “out of sync” with the customer experience. Whatever label we give it, the facts are stark: marketers are lacking the resources, data insights and tech know-how to bridge these silos and keep customers engaged with consistent high-quality messaging. 68% of marketers are under increasing stress to consistently strike the right tone and three out of five are struggling to maintain an engaging customer experience with on-brand language.

So how do you optimize marketing performance without skewering the customer experience? Well, there is a magical place where optimal marketing performance meets optimal brand voice – and in that place, boosting clicks and conversions doesn’t require marketers to resort to cheap, brand-damaging click-bait tactics. It’s a place powered by AI technology.


How AI improves brand consistency and performance

In a digital age when marketing channels abound, it takes mountains of marketing to have an impact. The challenge for marketers is to take their unique brand voice and scale it across channels and across the customer journey – and do so with inexhaustible copy that’s consistently on-brand and aligned with the customer experience.

Anthony Chiulli, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Iterable, explained to Phrasee that AI is helping the company manage the marketing workload while uniting brand tone and customer experience. “Leveraging AI-powered copy optimization can maximize engagement and manifest your unique brand tone to enrich customer experiences at scale. Business leaders need to take full advantage of tech solutions that improve consistency with their brand and increase efficiencies across digital touch points with their customers,” he says.

He’s not alone. We’ve surveyed 300 senior US marketers and found that while the majority are stressed and under pressure to create relevant, consistently engaging content, an increasing number are ready to turn to AI technology to solve their problems.

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The story continues in our latest Orange Paper, ‘Brand Voice Comes of Age’. Download it here.

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