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8 Awesome Valentine’s Day subject lines no-one has used yet

Ah, Valentine’s Day.


Sure, it’s a made up holiday filled with “traditions” of dubious historical origin, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a huge deal.

In the email marketing realm, the approach of the year’s most romantic holiday sees brands across the globe clamouring for the attention of the world’s amorous consumers year after year with great vigour.

The endless quest to remind everyone that true love can only be expressed through commerce manifests each February as an email marketing barrage on a massive scale.

The carefully conceived, crafted and delivered campaigns fly faster and harder with each passing day as Valentine’s Day draws near, which makes sense, because there is a lot of money out there to be made.

Knowing that, it seems such a pity that most brands seem to put so little thought into their Valentine’s Day email subject lines.

Here at Phrasee, where we see the amazing  benefits of stunning subject lines every day, the low bar for Valentine’s Day subject lines has always struck us as odd. Sad, even.

This year, we’ve decided to do something about it and give you all a hand.

Unfortunately, our AI marketing language generation and optimisation is busy helping our clients make more money through better email marketing at the moment, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a few suggestions with our feeble human brains anyway.

Feel free to use any of these in your Valentine’s Day email marketing campaigns, free of charge.

You can thank us later.



“Have a crust on someone special? Give the gift of bread this Valentine’s Day”

You’re welcome, bread companies of the world.


“Can we beep your Valentine? All pagers 99% off all week long”

This one is sure to help any telecom company clear out those pagers that have been taking up warehouse space for 2 decades.


“Show your Valentine that you like them a latte. 2 for 1 coffees all day this February 14th”

What’s more romantic than coffee breath?


“Are you spending Valentine’s Day Provolone? Discount cheese will make you feel better”

Why cheese companies haven’t spent more time marketing to the lonely is something we’ll never understand.


“You’re so deer to us. Order 2 kilograms of venison today and the third kilogram is on us. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Thanksgiving and Christmas have turkey, why can’t wild game become traditional Valentine’s Day dinner fare?


“Make your butter half smile this Valentine’s Day with a hand-churned surprise!”

“Artisanal butter”, “Craft butter”, “Farm-to-table butter” market it however you want. This stuff sells itself. (also, for those counting, that’s 2 butter puns in a single blog post. A new personal best for the Phrasee squad!)


“Canoodle with us this Valentine’s Day. Two bowls of ramen for the price of one.”

Boom. Noodle pun.  


“Words can’t espresso how much you bean to us”

We’ll show ourselves out.


Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at Phrasee!

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