Novo Nordisk Delivers Diabetes Care One AI-Optimized Message at a Time

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Novo Nordisk is a pharmaceutical company on a mission: to discover and develop innovative medicines and make them accessible to chronic disease patients all over the world. Leading innovators in diabetes treatment, they are taking the fight to one of the world’s fastest-rising diseases by delivering care to over 32 million people.  


For Novo Nordisk, a crucial part of this mission is to find optimized ways to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time – while ensuring that each message is tone sensitive, compliant, timely and effective at scale to enable the delivery of healthcare to millions.  

Statistics about chronic disease awareness show the need for effective communication strategies. For example, in a global survey, almost half of respondents were either unaware or unsure that having a family member with diabetes increased the risk of developing the condition.  

At the same time, research shows that digital marketing is integral to pharmaceutical efforts to convey critical health information: in 2020, email was the top channel of communication between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals.  


Phrasee’s AI-optimized content was the next step to help Novo Nordisk level up its email outreach and get more people to open and engage with its messaging. Using natural language generation and deep learning models to optimize email subject lines, Phrasee generates high-performing marketing copy and gets smarter with every send – ensuring maximum reach with Novo Nordisk’s customers. 

“Being able to quickly and easily scale our messaging and making sure we’re doing everything we can to get people to open and engage with those messages is mission critical. Phrasee helps us do exactly that.”
Dipen Patel – Director, Customer Experience Operations, Novo Nordisk


In the vast majority of campaigns, Phrasee outperformed human-controlled email subject lines with an average 14% uplift in click rate and 24% uplift in open rate. What’s more, Phrasee’s integration with Adobe – a Phrasee technology partner and Novo Nordisk’s marketing automation platform – means that the delivery of high-performing, data-driven email marketing is rapid and seamless.

Phrasee’s AI content also ensures that Novo Nordisk can deliver consistent, brand-safe messaging based on its own brand guidelines. FDA regulation in the pharmaceutical industry means that content is subject to a high level of scrutiny, so being able to rapidly generate compliant messaging at scale means that Novo Nordisk can stay on-brand and within its legal and regulatory requirements.

Increased engagement ultimately supports Novo Nordisk’s patient-centric approach, which treats people with serious chronic diseases as experts by experience rather than as passive recipients of healthcare. Through engaging with Novo Nordisk’s outreach and sharing their valuable insights into what it is like to live with a chronic disease, patients can help to improve the future of healthcare.

What’s next?

After achieving open and click rate uplift using Phrasee, Novo Nordisk is now looking to strengthen its real-time optimization across the customer journey, using Phrasee’s dynamic optimization. This will enable Novo Nordisk to respond to customers more nimbly and personally in real time. 

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