Going the Extra Marketing Mile in a Crowded Travel Industry

  • December 16, 2021

By Verity Jennings

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Times are a’changing, and while that means more people are booking holidays, it also means they’re doing it a little differently. 

Many of us are feeling a strong desire to get out into the world and see our family and friends from further afield once more. But we’re cautious, too. This is reflected in longer customer journeys and a stronger interest in hygiene and flexible policies. It’s also reflected in consumer confidence, which recently fell to a decade low in the US. 

So how can you adapt to this changing landscape and ensure your brand is striking the right balance between excitement and safety?

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1) Be consistent throughout the entire customer journey

From the first moment potential customers lay eyes on your brand messaging, right up to (and beyond) the day that they return from their trip, be there. Your words tell them that you’ll be with them every step of the way, through thick and thin. 

From daydreaming about different destinations to working out the details of travelling post-pandemic, there’s so much to talk about! Your tone can provide comfort, reassurance, inspiration and hope, so pull out all the stopcks and communicate. Be careful not to be intrusive, though; this is a time when trust is hard won and easily lost.

Familiarity builds trust, so treat your customers to a little bit of R&R (that’s remarketing and re-engagement) and they’ll remember you when it’s finally time to take the plunge. 

2) Be unashamedly you

If you want the limelight, you have to earn it – and you can’t do that if you sound like everyone else in the industry. 

Families, friends, new adventures – so much awaits! Sure, you have to strike a serious tone when talking about check-ins and hygiene. But remember to bring your marketing to life with little (and big) reminders of what you’re all about.

Think days in the sun, that blissed-out feeling of freedom and precious time with loved ones. What do you offer to enhance these experiences that no one else even comes close to? Whatever it is, shout about it in all that you do. 

Your authentic brand voice can be the key to building trust and rapport with uncertain customers. 

3) Look for opportunities to add value

Sure, competitive pricing is a major factor in the decision-making process. But if you can do it, your competitors probably can too. So what else have you got in your bag of tricks?

Look for opportunities to offer your customers something that no one else does: extreme flexibility, discounted/free extras and loyalty schemes that will knock their socks off. 

Use a test-and-learn approach to see what resonates and keep innovating even when you think you’ve found the secret sauce that will keep you on top. You never know what tomorrow might bring! 


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