Wheels Up: Wishing Customers a (Personalized) Bon Voyage

  • May 5, 2022

A lot of things have changed! Things like customer expectations, for example. They’re higher. They’re more specific. Customers want to be WOWED.

Don’t worry – Phrasee and Movable Ink are here to help with the latest research and some back-pocket hacks for getting quick wins this busy summer season. We brought a map of the new travel landscape and shared how getting personal can get you paid. Plus, Apple Leisure Group was on hand to share how they’re rising to the challenge and driving more bookings!

Featured presenters

Apple Leisure Group

Heather Johannsen

Customer Marketing Director

Movable Ink

Alex May

Associate Director, Client Strategy – Travel, Hospitality, & Food Services


Liam Savage

Director, Client Strategy EMEA

San Fenix

Andrea Bridges-Smith

Host and Moderator