5 AI Marketing Technology Predictions for 2023

  • May 2, 2023

By The Phrasee Team

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So far this year, it can seem impossible to go a day without reading headlines about ChatGPT, Generative AI, artificial intelligence-this, artificial intelligence-that, etc. The speed of change and information flow about this very topic is understandably overwhelming.

One of the smartest moves marketers can make is keeping up to date with what could be coming around the corner.

In honor of #MarTechDay, we sat down with our CEO Parry Malm to get his 5 AI marketing technology predictions for 2023.

The future isn't AI. The future is humans using AI. Generative AI will become the perfect sidekick to human marketers.

We’ll see AI churning out creative concepts and designs faster than you can say “Mad Men,” while we humans kick back, sip our martinis, and focus on the grand strategy.

But fear not, fellow marketing mavens, our roles as the masterminds behind the campaigns will still be indispensable. After all, AI can certainly write catchy phrases, but it takes a human touch to guide it.

It’s like suddenly finding yourself at an all-you-can-eat buffet of content, but the trick is knowing which dishes to pile on your plate.

Marketers will need to hone their curation skills, sifting through mountains of AI-generated content to cherry-pick the juiciest, most delectable pieces. But beware, friends, curation at scale is no walk in the park. It’s a high-stakes game of marketing Jenga, where one wrong move could send your carefully crafted brand image tumbling down.

So, as we navigate this brave new world, let’s not underestimate the impending burden of curation – it will be your saving grace in the age of AI-generated abundance.

In this sea of sameness, it’ll be up to us humans to come up with those truly groundbreaking ideas that make people sit up and take notice.

We’ll be the captains at the helm, steering our AI-powered ships towards the shores of innovation, while making sure we don’t crash into the rocky cliffs of overused cliches. (a wee dose of irony there for you!)

Who takes responsibility when an AI-generated campaign crosses the line? How do we ensure our algorithms don’t end up reinforcing harmful stereotypes?

As marketers, we’ll need to walk the tightrope between harnessing the power of AI and staying on the right side of the ethical fence. After all, we wouldn’t want our dear audience thinking we’re a bunch of unscrupulous ne’er-do-wells now, would we?

While AI will continue to be adopted at scale, there will always be a market for human-created ads that evoke nostalgia and charm. We might even see a surge in demand for vintage-style campaigns as people yearn for the good old days of honest-to-goodness human creativity. A world where the perfectly chosen words still evoke a sense of pride and admiration.

The world of marketing technology is evolving at an seemingly ever-increasing speed with artificial intelligence taking the star role on stage.


Did these predictions surprise you? Or did you get a sense of validation and confirmation of your own predictions that were aligned with ours?

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