Personalization gone wrong

How to avoid damaging your customer reputation

Immutable digital marketing law #29,654: Sometimes, personalization goes wrong.  

Even sincere, well-intentioned personalization attempts can sometimes go awry, especially when you’re attempting to apply them at scale. Worse still, using your brand’s carefully collected and compiled data in a way that’s sloppy, invasive, or creepy will turn off your customers and damage their perception of your brand.  

Learn how to mitigate the risks of digital marketing personalization, protect your brand’s reputation, and personalize your marketing messages in the most engaging and safest way possible in this awesome webinar – featuring Messagegears VP of Marketing Will Devlin and Phrasee CEO Parry Malm. 

You (and your customers) will be glad you did! 

In this webinar, you’ll learn: 

– Some common marketing personalization pitfalls 

– Why focusing on relevance may be the wrong approach 

– Why focusing on avoiding irrelevance is a more effective strategy 

– How failed personalization damages customer relationships 

– How to use your data effectively without being creepy 

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