Phrasee powers forward with new executive team and category-defining AI Content technology

  • November 16, 2023
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Pioneer in AI marketing content amps up leadership team and builds on its platform to take the lead in marketing technology

LONDON – Nov. 16, 2023 – Phrasee, the leading innovator in brand language optimization, announced its accelerated momentum as it assembles a powerhouse executive team and builds on its AI-powered content platform to drive customer engagement and business results ever further. These strategic moves come on the heels of the recent appointment of Dan Head as CEO, who is already making significant waves to shape the company’s market positioning and future vision.

“Brands need to know how to embrace generative AI and related technologies to future-proof their businesses for competitive advantage,” said Head. “The market requires it; the era we live in requires it. We’re assembling a team of the best individuals to lead product development and go-to-market strategies. These individuals come from backgrounds that cover the leading technology in this space, from Salesforce and Braze to Phrasee and Accenture. We’ve got decades of collective experience in the most advanced marketing technology.”

Strengthening the C-Suite

Phrasee’s leadership team will play pivotal roles in shaping the company’s future:

  • Jasper Pye, who has been with Phrasee since its launch eight years ago, steps into the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), bringing a wealth of experience in technology and AI solutions.
  • Toby Coulthard, who joins as Chief Product Officer (CPO), was previously a Senior Area VP, Solutions Consulting at Braze, a leading customer engagement platform.
  • Patrick Forquer, also previously at Braze as an Area VP, takes on the role of Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), leading the charge in expanding Phrasee’s market presence and growth.

“These new appointments are a demonstrable step of Phrasee’s ramp-up in the current AI landscape,” said Head. “We are leaning in, investing in talent, and attracting talent from other major players. The market Phrasee operates in is enormous, and its time is now. We are in an advantageous position relative to other alternatives in this space and an attractive proposition for people who want to take the next move in their careers. Phrasee will have significantly more horsepower at precisely the right time.”

“Throughout late 2022 and 2023, the surge in generative AI has ushered in a wave of new AI tools. While many are just dipping their toes into this evolution, Phrasee stands in a prime position with our technology and enterprise workflows to deliver real value to brands,” said Pye. “Over the past eight years, our collaboration with forward-thinking customers has yielded invaluable insights, enabling us to continuously refine our technology and develop a highly targeted marketing content solution. I am excited to take on the role of CTO, working alongside Dan, Toby, and Patrick to take our initiatives to the next level and assist marketers as they navigate this transformative period.”

“Enterprise marketers are beginning to understand the inherent limitations of using today’s large language models (LLMs) concerning trust, scale, and performance for marketing engagement,” said Coulthard. “Phrasee leverages the right technologies that are fit-for-purpose for driving engagement. It’s an exciting time to be in generative AI, and Phrasee has been–and will continue to be–the tip of the spear as it applies to generative AI for marketers. That’s why I’m excited to be joining Phrasee.” 

“In my experience working with data, CRM, and marketing teams from some of the world’s largest brands, I know that large enterprises are always looking for an edge as to how they can more effectively deliver highly performant digital content at scale on any channel, but with the right level of enterprise controls,” said Forquer. “That’s what Phrasee does, and I’m thrilled to join Dan and the rest of the incredible Phrasee team as we continue this journey together.”

Impressive Customer Growth and Wins

Phrasee’s momentum is also making remarkable strides with its customer base, securing notable wins and renewals in recent times. These include partnerships with Asda, GNC, John Lewis Partnership, Trainline, and TUI Group. 

Here’s what they have to say:

  • “In today’s dynamic retail landscape, it’s critical we use cutting-edge technology to redefine the way we connect with our customers,” said Michael Cato, Product Manager, Campaign Management at John Lewis Partnership. “Partnering with Phrasee’s AI Content helps John Lewis to remain at the forefront of modern retail and ensure high levels of engagement and satisfaction with our valued customers.” 
  • “The important thing for TUI is getting our broad messaging and timing as aligned to customer needs as possible,” said Simon Baines, Head of CRM at TUI Group. “Using Phrasee to optimize our subject lines is a great example of how we’re introducing powerful new capabilities to improve performance incrementally, as well as quickly learning what works and doing more of that!”
  • “As a retailer that operates in both physical and digital environments, we understand the importance of having an omnichannel marketing strategy,” said Emma-Louise Birch, Senior Manager, CRM at Asda, one of the UK’s largest retailers. “But we can’t just meet customers on their preferred channel; we must ensure they get the right messaging. We are expanding our relationship with Phrasee to optimize more channels to ensure customers get engaging, personalized messages that resonate.”

“Our impressive list of customer successes and renewals underlines the value and impact of Phrasee’s technology in real-world scenarios. We are delighted to work with forward-thinking brands that recognize the importance of high-performing content in today’s multichannel landscape,” said Head.

Revolutionary AI Technology

The reason for all this momentum? Phrasee’s value proposition is more compelling than ever. Brands can send customer messaging on the right channel at the right time. But if their messaging content doesn’t resonate with customers, their campaigns will be sub-optimal. As businesses become more customer-centric, they become more channel agnostic and use more and more channels – email, push, SMS, etc.

With increased channels comes more message variants, languages, and customer journey orchestration, all requiring large volumes of content. The challenge for brands lies in producing this large quantity of content while ensuring its quality and performance.

This is the problem that Phrasee solves. It is purpose-built for generating high-performing content optimized at scale to drive results. Phrasee is channel-agnostic and LLM-agnostic, which means it can integrate with your chosen model to develop creative copy. Its proprietary attention-based neural network has been fine-tuned empirically through years of experimentation specifically for performance prediction and is entirely separate from its natural language generation.

Phrasee’s unique approach ensures that brands receive content that stimulates results and resonates with their audience.

Say Goodbye to “Hello, {first_name}”

Phrasee is in the business of producing high-performing language, and to that end, it is on to the next challenge: solving the problem of personalized content. Instead of relying on generic approaches that often feel intrusive or awkward, Phrasee is building a personalization solution that genuinely resonates with customers and provides value. The goal is to help brands move beyond “Hello, {first_name}” messaging and deliver engaging, relevant content that customers appreciate.

Myth-Busting AI Hype

Phrasee is also committed to advancing the understanding of AI and its practical applications. Furthering this cause, Phrasee Chief Data Scientist Neil Yager, PhD, CPO Toby Coulthard, and CTO Jasper Pye have co-authored a white paper that dispels the myth that LLMs can be trained to address the challenge of producing high-performing marketing messages at scale. The white paper sheds light on the limitations of AI in its current state and provides a pragmatic view of the technology’s potential. The release of the white paper reflects Phrasee’s mission to offer real solutions to actual business challenges and to build trust in the AI industry by demystifying its capabilities.


About Phrasee

Phrasee believes in a future where enterprise marketers drive unprecedented results using AI. Phrasee’s AI-powered platform generates high-performing content at scale and with enterprise-grade controls across digital channels to enable brands to compete effectively in an always-on, digital world. Phrasee’s platform creates, optimizes, and analyzes on-brand marketing content in real time to drive more clicks, conversions, and revenue across email, push notifications, SMS, social media ads, and more. 

Phrasee boosts customer engagement and lifetime value for the world’s leading brands, including Currys, Novo Nordisk, Pet Supplies Plus, and Walgreens, all while maintaining their unique brand standards and voice.

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