AI Content Pioneer Pens “The Language Effect”

Phrasee CEO and co-founder, Parry Malm, draws on five years of working with global brands to explain the technology phenomenon redefining marketing

  • February 24, 2020

By Verity Jennings

Parry Malm's The Language Effect
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In his new book, Phrasee CEO Parry Malm shares why killer copy is the new marketing superpower

eTail Palm Springs, February 24, 2020: Parry Malm, CEO and co-founder of Phrasee, is today launching a book to share his experiences, five years on from introducing the world’s first AI-Powered Copywriting technology.  

“The Language Effect: Why AI-Powered Copywriting is a marketer’s (new) best friend” draws on Malm’s experiences working with global brands like Dixons Carphone, Domino’s, eBay, Groupon and Virgin Holidays, and looks at the measurable impact that better copy has on a brand’s marketing campaigns. 

Written for both senior marketers, as well as early adopters who aspire to be game-changing leaders of the futureThe Language Effect explains how advanced technology is redefining language as we know it. It covers everything from what makes marketing language fail, to the formula that measures the revenue impact of The Language Effect, as well as the light bulb moment that inspired the launch of Phrasee in 2015. 

The Language Effect directly addresses the growing issue of content supply and demand. Cutting through the noise to deliver a branded message that resonates has never been more challenging or crucial to a company’s bottom line. And yet, quality marketing copy – and notably the most talented copywriters required to create it – is at a premium. Malm believes ‘it’s time to throw out the old rule book’ and revolutionize marketing. His book explains how by using industry context, real-life examples and practical advice. 

“This book is about my lifelong belief that the language we use in marketing needs to be better,” said Parry Malm author, CEO and co-founder of Phrasee. “For far too long, marketers have relied upon their gut instinct to make decisions about language and there’s been a widely held misconception that only humans can write great copy for campaigns. I want to present the case for why using AI technology to make copy better is the only scalable and sustainable way to produce the volume and quality of copy that brands need in the digital world. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate five awesome years of Phrasee than sharing everything we’ve learned about where the world is heading.” 

“It’s the right time for global brands to embrace an AI-powered future. In the world of marketing, language is the natural next step. Exciting, advancing times for marketers,” said Jai Kotecha, Managing Partner, Ogilvy. 

“Parry Malm is a master of words. In his irreverent and entertaining style, he teaches you how to use language to engage your audience with maximum impact, commented Vivek Sharma, Founder & CEO, Movable Ink. 

The launch of The Language Effect follows Phrasee announcing its pledge to train 500 marketers in 2020 to help them better understand AI and what it can do for their business.  

“It’s in all of our interests that the marketing industry is better informed about the role AI will play in its future, concluded Malm. “I am committed to leading the charge in helping shape the revolution that is coming. Bring on the next five years.” 

Only recently, Molly Prosser, eBay’s former creative director, stated, “Technology like Phrasee is to copywriting what Photoshop was to design.” 

The Language Effect: Why AI-Powered Copywriting is a marketer’s (new) best friend is published by Known Publishing and is available on Amazon



Parry Malm is co-founder and CEO of Phrasee and the pioneer of AI-Powered Copywriting. He took what many called an impossible idea – a machine that writes better than humans – and turned it into reality. Before that, he was an accomplished brand-side marketer and learned firsthand the impact of powerful copy – and how, when left to his own (human) devices, he’d never be the best.     

Raised in Vancouver, Canada, he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration before moving to London, England, in 2006. He currently lives in Tooting, south London, with his wife and their son. In his spare time, he enjoys watching grown men on skates punch each other in the face (or as they call it outside of Canada, ice hockey). And he likes Megadeth. A lot.     


Phrasee empowers brands with the most advanced AI-Powered Copywriting technology on the planet. By generating human-sounding language that’s always in a brand’s voice, Phrasee boosts marketing performance, revenue, and careers. 

The Phrasee story began with a simple idea: language is the crux of all marketing. The impact of language on a brand’s bottom line is huge. It’s what we call The Language Effect. Yet there was no technology that could make copy better. So, Phrasee built it.  

Fast-forward to today and over 300 million people across four continents have responded to Phrasee-generated copy. Phrasee’s unique formula amplifies success across all digital channels, making millions of dollars for the biggest brands around the world. 

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