AI-Optimized Copywriting for Facebook Has Arrived

  • September 25, 2018

By Verity Jennings

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LONDON–(September 25, 2018)– Phrasee, the London-headquartered marketing technology company that uses AI to write optimised marketing copy, has launched the first product of its kind for Facebook & Instagram campaigns.

The new product, trialled by Wowcher and three other household brand names, allows customers to test AI-generated language at scale in social advertising. Early pilots at Wowcher have delivered an average reduction in cost per lead of 31% compared to the human written copy.

Phrasee for Facebook & Instagram builds on the global success of Phrasee’s award-winning email subject line product and applies it to social campaigns. Phrasee’s AI writes and optimises language for Facebook and Instagram in a way that’s unique to a brand’s strategy, voice and guidelines, delivering more engagement, clicks and conversions, all at a lower CPM.

“For too long, we’ve relied upon humans to write marketing copy for social ads,” said Parry Malm, CEO and Co-founder of Phrasee. “Now there’s a better way. We’ve invested heavily in our AI-Powered Copywriting technology and are super proud to have extended it from email marketing to Facebook & Instagram ads. The amazing feedback from our customers and agency partners on the early results really shows that we’re delivering huge bottom-line value to brands around the world.”

The product is targeted at global brands and agencies running social campaigns on behalf of clients. Already, agencies such as Tomorrow TTH and Social Chain, winner of the UK Agency Awards 2018 Social Media Agency of The Year and Digiday’s Best Live Moment Award 2018, are using the product as a catalyst for their campaigns. Social marketers can create AI-powered copy for campaigns in minutes and the product uses past campaign results to train its deep learning engine, ensuring continued and progressive performance.

“I can honestly say when we embarked on this latest initiative with Phrasee, we didn’t expect a cost per lead reduction of over 31%”, said Alexis Harrison, Head of External Media at Wowcher. “We’ve always been impressed by the ability of Phrasee’s AI tech to deliver human sounding, brand-compliant email subject lines that generate amazing business results. Its new Facebook and Instagram product takes things to a whole new level.”

“Our commitment is to keep brands at the forefront of what’s possible,” said Alex James Ayin, Group Transformation Director at Social Chain Group. “That means we are constantly looking for breakthrough technology and ideas and exploring how we can bring them to bear on our campaigns. Phrasee is a brilliant example of this in practice, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.”

Malm added: “Too often, in Facebook & Instagram advertising, copywriting is left until the last minute, or decided upon by gut instinct. With this launch, we believe we are putting language back where it belongs: at the heart of social campaigns, to drive a better response.”

Phrasee was recognised by US-based CB Insights as 2017’s Most Innovative AI Company and more recently launched its AI ethics policy, one of the world’s first AI businesses to do so. As a leader in the AI space, Phrasee believes it is critical that its customers know how their technology and data will be used and is calling on the wider industry to follow its lead.



Phrasee is world-leading AI that generates and optimises marketing copy at scale, delivering improved results for email subject lines, push notifications, and Facebook and Instagram ads. Founded in 2015, Phrasee is the go-to solution for ambitious, intelligent and analytical marketers. Today, its team of data scientists, computational linguists and developers drive big results for enterprise brands across the globe, including a 57% click uplift for Domino’s, a 35% open uplift for Gumtree and millions of pounds in incremental revenue for Virgin Holidays.

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