Phrasee and Salesforce Win Big for Facebook

  • September 20, 2021

By Verity Jennings

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The beaming smiles on our customers’ faces are usually all the validation we need for the work we do, but boy does it feel good to be recognized by Salesforce’s Partner Innovation Awards.

A Salesforce Partner Innovation Award, judged independently by IDC’s premier global analysts, recognizes the outstanding work performed by innovators within the Salesforce partner ecosystem – rewarding those using creativity and technology to solve today’s biggest customer engagement challenges.

They don’t hand these things out to just anyone. This award is the result of Phrasee’s collaboration with two giants of digital marketing – Salesforce Marketing Cloud and our joint customer, Facebook – and the exceptional numbers that it produced. Here’s how we stole the show in this year’s Marketing category…

How we delivered incrementality for Facebook

Facebook is a very successful company – this much we all know. So how do you go about cranking it up a notch? Facebook’s Leighton Chun believes you do it by delivering incrementality – in other words, by always striving to add value at every step of the customer journey.

This was the guiding principle for the project. With the help of Phrasee and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Facebook set out to create a customer-centric center of excellence based around driving new value from its email marketing strategy.

By building a messaging framework centered around the ideal customer journey, Phrasee and Salesforce Marketing Cloud helped free up time that would normally be spent churning out content – which enabled the team at Facebook to focus on the all-important big-picture messaging.

Meanwhile, leveraging Phrasee’s AI-powered content meant that Facebook was able to automate, scale and continuously optimize its messaging across its email sends. By generating optimized email subject lines using Phrasee’s integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Facebook was able to deliver the holy grail of email marketing: the right message to the right person at the right time.

The results bore this out: Phrasee’s AI-powered content helped Facebook deliver 275% ROI on spend, 23% average click rate uplift, and 15% average open rate uplift (including as high as 91% for one campaign).

“In one instance, we actually saw a 91% increase in open rates through the use of Phrasee. Thank you to the Phrasee team for being a strong partner for our organization!”
Leighton L. Chun – Reality Labs CRM Leader, Facebook

Finally, since we’re not usually ones to toot our own horn, here’s Salesforce’s Executive Vice President of Alliance & Channels, Tyler Prince, to toot it for us:

“Salesforce Partner Innovation Award winners such as Phrasee work relentlessly to enable their customers’ success. Phrasee’s initiative and ability to deliver results illustrates how Salesforce partners are integral to creating value and enabling digital transformation in our new work-from-anywhere world.”

Much obliged, Salesforce.

That’s all for now – but to hear more about what our customers at Facebook had to say about Brand Language Optimization, check out our recent interview with Facebook Reality Labs CRM Leader Leighton Chun.

To see the full list of 2021 Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards winners, head to the Salesforce website.