Phrasee Marks Momentum of Its Proven AI Platform for Data-optimized, On-brand Content for Enterprise Marketers

  • March 28, 2023
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New website highlights generative AI platform trained on millions of experiments to accurately predict and optimize the best-performing content that drives the highest engagement

Company continues growth in North American market with new business and contract renewals with cutting-edge brands


CHICAGO, March 28, 2023 – With generative AI and ChatGPT now becoming part of the public lexicon, Phrasee, the leader in AI content optimization for enterprise marketers, is marking its dominant role in AI-powered content creation with the launch of a new website.

Phrasee pioneered marketing content creation with a unique AI model trained on millions of experiments to accurately predict which content will drive the highest engagement. It offers the most robust solution for enterprise marketers looking to optimize customer engagement and drive more clicks, conversions, and revenue across email, push, web/app, SMS, and social channels. Its AI-generated content is guaranteed to be on-brand and brand safe, and highly creative and fluent.

“There is a lot of hoopla around using generative AI to create content, but there is a big difference between creating a lot of content and creating the best-performing content to drive results,” said Phrasee co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Parry Malm. “When we started Phrasee eight years ago, we were one of the first companies to understand the potential of commercializing AI and large language models to create marketing content. Since then, brands have benefited from provable incremental engagement and revenue from AI-optimized marketing messages. What we offer is head and shoulders above the generative AI content other platforms deliver.”

In our noisy, always-on digital world, consumers are bombarded by 4,000 to 10,000 messages daily, even as their attention span continues its downward trend – the most recent stats show that it’s now at a mere 8 seconds. While marketers need to generate a high content volume, they must employ the most engaging messaging to cut through the noise and hold the consumers’ attention.

“AI and machine learning represent the next large technology revolution that will impact brands and retailers,” said Dr. Neil Yager, Phrasee co-founder and Chief Data Scientist. “But without the guardrails and optimization that Phrasee provides, enterprises are leaving money on the table; they aren’t reaching their customer base as effectively as possible.”

Momentum continues to build

Phrasee is continuing its growth trajectory and expansion into the North American market following a 64% stake in the company by a consortium led by capital D, the next-generation private equity fund manager investing in disrupting mid-market businesses, and Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital.

Phrasee’s customer base includes an impressive roster of top-tier, cutting-edge brands, including Accor, Sephora, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Home Chef, Pet Supplies Plus, Novo Nordisk, Williams Sonoma, Sainsbury’s, TUI Group, Mason Companies, and Mistplay.

“Phrasee allows us to refine our recipe for success when it comes to engaging customers with our content,” said Lauren MacArtney, Senior Lifecycle Marketing Manager at Home Chef. “We can also see the real-time results and tweak our tactics based on how our customers respond.”

Phrasee is also expanding its partnerships with technology and solution providers. Recent integrations include Bloomreach and Cordial, giving more marketers the power to optimize their marketing messaging.

To help usher in the next phase of growth, Phrasee added three executives to its leadership team:

  • Stephen Collins, as Board Chair. Collins is a technology industry leader with extensive management expertise and experience developing disruptive and rapidly growing markets.
  • Matt Forcey, as General Manager, Americas. Forcey’s over two decades of experience in data-driven customer optimization, content automation, and advertising and marketing technology includes Qubit, Microsoft, and Quark.
  • Jen Le, as Vice President of Marketing. Over her 20-year career, Le has honed her B2B marketing skills within high-growth SaaS, tech, and professional services companies – from stealthy changemakers to the largest tech consulting firm in the world.

Phrasee’s AI model optimizes content toward one goal – to drive improved results for our customers,” said Matt Simmonds, Phrasee’s Chief Product and Technology Officer. “Our AI-generated content accurately predicts the message elements most likely to engage your audience – whether it’s an email newsletter that increases engagement, a triggered SMS notification or social campaign to drive a purchase, or personalized messaging to improve customer loyalty. You are assured that your best messages reach the widest possible audience – at scale.”

About Phrasee

Phrasee believes in a future where enterprise marketers drive unprecedented results using AI. Phrasee’s AI-powered platform generates the best-performing content at scale and with enterprise-grade controls across digital channels to realize those results and enable customers to compete effectively in this always-on, digital world. Its platform creates, optimizes, and analyzes on-brand marketing content in real-time, proven to drive more clicks, conversions, and revenue across your email marketing, push notifications, SMS marketing, and more.

Phrasee boosts customer engagement and increases lifetime value for the world’s leading B2C brands, including Sephora, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Home Chef, Pet Supplies Plus, Novo Nordisk, and Williams Sonoma, all while maintaining their unique brand standards and voice.

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