Ooh, Wow: Phrasee Integrated With Epsilon!

  • June 3, 2021

By Verity Jennings

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You may have noticed we’ve been on a streak lately, partnering with the world’s best ESPs to integrate our technology with theirs in a way that makes our mutual customers say “Ooh, wow!”

Epsilon users: today it’s your turn to get ooh wowed.

That’s right, over there you’ve got Epsilon, the leader in outcome-based marketing, who has over 50 years of experience and partners with top brands, agencies, and publishers to drive growth. (OMG you guys, we LOVE growth.)

And then over here you’ve got us, optimizing your brand language all up and down the customer journey, driving extra revenue and keeping your customers engaged, all at the same time.

And if you smash those two things together (and by smash, we mean gently combine using APIs and such), you get outcome-based marketing with some pretty darn great outcomes! Like more ROI. (You do like it when extra money shows up, don’t you?)

“But is it going to make my life easier?” Yes, dear marketer. No manually going back and forth to load things from one platform into another – we’ll let the bits and bytes handle all that while you sit back and relax.*

Want to know how it works? Well here’s the quick version:

  1. Create your campaign in Epsilon.
  2. Link the campaign to Phrasee.
  3. Deploy your campaign and watch as the data magically flows from one platform to the other!
  4. Marvel at easy multivariate testing can be while your copywriters clink their champagne glasses because they didn’t have to write 10 different subject lines.

Basically, if you’ve been using both Epsilon and Phrasee, it’s about to get a whole lot better. And if you’re not using us both, what better time to start!

Ooh wow, indeed.

*We’ve heard of marketers relaxing, but we’ve never actually seen it happen in real life? Anyone want to meet up for a chamomile tea later?

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