Phrasee and Cordial Join Forces

  • September 12, 2022

By Kayleigh Tanner

Phrasee x Cordial
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We are delighted to announce our new integration with Cordial! 

Phrasee and Cordial logos

We’ve joined forces with Cordial because we want to give more marketers the power to optimize their marketing messaging, and our friends at Cordial know exactly how to make that happen. 

The Cordial team are experts in customer engagement, and we’re experts in AI-generated content to boost customer engagement. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out why this is an awesome integration! On top of this, Cordial places kindness, authenticity, respect, and accountability at the heart of everything they do – things that Phrasee is all about too. It’s a perfect match for marketers looking to use data to fuel their customer engagement with personalized, optimized messages. 

How we work together

This integration enables marketers to find the marketing messages that resonate best with their audience by experimenting with their messages at scale across email campaigns. This maximizes opens, clicks, and conversions, and in turn drives significant revenue uplift and increased customer engagement, and loyalty. 

Customers using the integration between Phrasee and Cordial can create email campaigns with on-brand, creative subject lines, ensuring they’re ready for split testing without the manual effort and brainpower usually required.  

Customers can then schedule and deploy their experiment in Cordial before uploading the results back into Phrasee for ongoing email optimization, performance tracking, and language insights.

It’s that simple! 

A joint e-commerce client of Phrasee and Cordial has experienced an average click rate uplift of 21%.

“I’m delighted to be cementing our partnership between Phrasee and Cordial with our new integration,” said Jess Evans, VP of Global Partnerships at Phrasee. “Recently we’ve had the pleasure of working with some of Cordial’s most forward-thinking customers, and it’s clear from working with the Cordial team that we all have the common goal of driving success for our clients.

“We’re thrilled to be launching our integration with Phrasee,” said Rachel Bergman, Chief Revenue Officer at Cordial, “it’s an ideal partnership for our mission to help brands send a better message. This integration enables marketers to automate the experimentation process and personalize content for their brand’s unique voice to drive outsized results from their content – it’s a game changer.” 

About Cordial 

Cordial is a cross-channel marketing platform for brands to communicate in personal, intelligent ways, founded with the goal of creating better, more human experiences for both marketers and their customers. Combining data management and marketing execution in one platform, Cordial helps brands send a better message across email, SMS, mobile app, and more.

About Phrasee 

Phrasee delivers state-of-the-art technology that arms marketers with the right message… for the right person… every time. Its AI-powered SaaS platform generates and optimizes on-brand marketing messages in real-time, to maximize customer engagement and drive incremental revenue.  

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