How Do You Recover Abandoned Carts With Email Marketing?

  • January 20, 2022

By Alicia Miller

Abandoned cart
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Know that feeling when you’re browsing online, then your attention drifts onto something else? Or when you can’t quite decide on what you want so you get side-tracked?

It happens a lot. In fact, it pretty much dominates the world of ecommerce. The average cart abandonment rate across industries is almost 70%, according to the Baymard Institute – which amounts to a whole lot of lost revenue.

All of which means that there’s an ocean of opportunity for any marketers who can take those abandoned carts and seal the deal. So forget about new business for a second: if you can simply reclaim a high percentage of abandoned carts, you’re in business.

Turning missed opportunities into sure-fire sales

What does it take to turn an almost-there into a home run? The humble cart abandonment email – a mainstay of ecommerce marketing – has long been the touted solution.

But optimized cart abandonment emails are far less common. Marketers can’t just expect a simple reminder to do the trick. If they want a high conversion rate, their subject lines have to pierce through crowded inboxes, their messages have to be pitch-perfect, and their content has to be personalized to the recipient.

Then there’s timing: cart of goods conversions increase by 6.33 percent when abandonment emails are sent within an hour of leaving a website. Right message, right person, right time.

Alas, for most retailers, abandoned carts are lost opportunities. But for leading omnichannel retailer Currys, they’re opportunities to lead the way in brand language optimization.

Currys is making use of the trigger campaign engine Phrasee React – powered by the revolutionary real-time optimization technology Phrasee X – to convert abandoned carts into sales using pitch-perfect messages to the right people, at the right time.

“I don’t know what marketers are waiting for”, said Currys’ Head of CRM Saul Lopes. “One subject line change and I’m achieving a 9% conversion uplift and £2.5m+ revenue impact. All with the single click of a button!”

So what are you waiting for? Read the full story here.

Image credit: Tesco


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