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Scaling is hard. Or is it? How AI can help scale your awesome CX

By Liam Savage, Customer Success Director at Phrasee

Here’s a not-so-well-kept secret: your customers are inundated with marketing. And it’s turning the buying process into a long and winding multichannel road. That’s why it takes mountains of marketing to have an impact. The challenge for marketers is to take their unique brand voice and scale it across channels and across the customer journey – and do so with inexhaustible copy that’s consistently on-brand and aligned with the customer experience. (We’re tired just thinking about it!).

Your customers aren’t bland statistics, so why serve them bland, generic content? There should be no more guessing, analyze and learn about your audience. Learning about what your audience is responding to in real-time means you can double down on what’s resonating, which gives you an unprecedented advantage over your competitors.

By progressively using more targeted language as more data becomes available, you’ll demonstrate to consumers that you’re listening and sharing the content they want to see. Much like the butterfly effect, small data-driven tweaks to content can spiral into huge revenue wins when scaled up using AI… and those tiny tweaks can lead to huge improvements in your CX.

Here’s Phrasee Customer Success Director Liam Savage talking about how to increase your relevancy at scale:

It’s up to you to constantly reassess your audience, analyze their ever-evolving responses to your content, and identify new opportunities to connect.

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