Under the hood of the industry’s most powerful AI content.

Generate, optimize, automate, and analyze marketing messages in real time with Phrasee

Natural language generation

Natural language generation (NLG) is the AI that generates human language, that is always on brand, and brand safe. Phrasee analyzes your past messaging and brand guidelines to get a feel for your style and tone. This enables our AI to generate brand-compliant marketing messages that sound like they were written by your copywriting team. Then, with a click of our magic button, Phrasee produces the industry’s most natural-sounding, scandal-proof language, in real time.

Deep learning

Deep learning is how we leverage historical data and the results of automated experimentation. Phrasee is always learning from past performance. We apply attention-based deep learning networks to customer and market data in order to predict and deploy top-performing language for your brand, delivering consistently awesome performance that doesn’t degrade over time.

Dynamic optimization

Phrasee’s dynamic optimization empowers marketers to not only generate, but also optimize language in real time. It’s the first and only tool of its kind. With dynamic optimization, Phrasee helps brands respond to customers more nimbly and personally by automatically optimizing content to ensure that the best-performing messages reach the widest possible audience.


Advanced multivariate testing means AI that writes better than you – and can prove it. Phrasee uses experimentation at scale to find the best copy for your brand and customers. Our data-driven approach tests AI variants against a human-generated control, then deploys the top-performing copy and calculates revenue impact. No Bunsen burners needed – just leave the science to the Phrasee platform while you count the boost in ROI.


Automation means that you can do more with less. Once you load the system with your customer data, campaign goals, and brand standards, Phrasee automatically generates the content you need across the customer journey. Phrasee continuously improves performance – and revenue – over time, without all the manual effort.


Customer insights are a little gift from us to your marketing team. We don’t just learn what works – we share those insights with you so you can incorporate them into your marketing plan. Plus, we’ll show you the impact of AI-generated content on your marketing initiatives, which might make you a hot topic around the water cooler.


Seamless integration with all leading ESPs and digital engagement platforms means you can say goodbye to operational headaches Phrasee automates content optimization within email, push notifications, SMS, web, and social media. We integrate with many of the biggest ESPs, rarely require extra work from your IT team, and hold your hand the whole way.

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