Leading Sports Retailer Wins Loyal Customers

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A target means many things in the world of this leading sports retailer. For customers, it’s the bullseye on their favorite dartboard, or a three-pointer in their new basketball hoop. 


For this retailer’s marketing team, the ongoing target is ever-increasing customer loyalty, and the method is data-driven personalization. Having amassed a huge first-party database from years of innovative customer engagement, this sports retailer is upping its personalization game via an online strategy centered around data-driven, real-time, targeted marketing. 

This sports retailer prides itself on inspiring confidence and excitement in athletes, by equipping them with the tools to achieve their dreams. For the marketing team, realizing these values means tailoring compelling and inspiring omnichannel communications to each and every customer. The sports retailer’s push for personalization called for optimized marketing messages, which is where Phrasee stepped in. 

“Using Phrasee means we can experiment with our marketing language and hone in on the content that really resonates, then scale out that messaging for maximum effect on our engagement rates.”
Channel Optimization Strategist


The marketing team now uses Phrasee to generate the language for every single promotional email, and then uses the platform’s seamless integration with its email service provider to send daily messages to its customers. The emails promote the retailer’s wide selection of goods, including high-quality sports equipment, from fishing to soccer and lacrosse, right through to apparel, footwear, and accessories from leading sports brands, and items from its exclusive own-brand athletic gear and apparel line. 

Phrasee’s AI-powered content tool allows the retailer to drill down into the all-important minutiae of its brand language in ways that humans alone never could. Phrasee’s language insights allow the retailer’s marketing team to understand what types of language best resonate with its customers by uncovering how they are responding to the different sentiments and tones in their copy. 

Phrasee also experiments with hundreds of new words to see which garner the best response, expanding the diversity of the retailer’s brand language and increasing engagement. 

Sports retailer email subject lines


The results, spanning hundreds of campaigns, demonstrate that the sports retailer’s marketing team is in peak shape, with an average click rate uplift of 57% and ROI multiplied by 10. 

Sports retailer results

“Phrasee is a no-brainer: it gives us unique insights into how our language is resonating in real-time, and AI-powered optimization to tailor our content around that.”
Senior Director – Marketing Performance Media, Addressable Channels

What’s next?

After boosting its promotional email engagement, this omnichannel sports retailer is now looking to optimize its marketing content in email trigger campaigns and promotional SMS messages, continuing its push for tailored omnichannel communications. 

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