Life After Mail Privacy Protection

Relax. Email opens aren’t dead ...
but now’s a great time to rethink your KPIs.

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The announcement of the Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) changes in the upcoming iOS 15 and MacOS updates have had email marketers worried. Those fears are understandable, but actually, we think the changes are good! This is a great time to rethink how you’re measuring your email performance, and we’re here to help. In our latest Orange Paper, you’ll learn:

  • How Apple’s privacy changes will affect you
  • Why it’s business as (awesome as) usual for Phrasee
  • How to adjust your email measurement strategy to account for the changes (plus, a way to make it easy)
  • Why these changes are actually a GOOD thing

Smart statisticians can always find the signal in the noise, and we’re lucky to have a team of them at Phrasee. Join us in toasting to “Life after Mail Privacy Protection” and start planning for what’s next.

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