Domino’s Pizza Makes More Dough With AI-Powered Content 

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The pizza industry is incredibly competitive, with global players, local chains, and mom-and-pop pizzerias all vying for the same wallet share. 


Domino’s has a globally recognized logo, and invests millions every year in building and maintaining its brand voice … so, how can it increase customer engagement while staying on brand and keeping hundreds of franchisees happy? 


Domino’s worked with Phrasee to optimize its email subject lines and push notifications across the UK and Ireland to personalize content for its audiences in these countries. 

Its goals were to increase long-term customer loyalty, reduce churn, and drive more orders, supported by an “app-first” mentality, where the app would become the flagship ordering platform. AI-optimized content would play a key role in reaching these goals, as it allowed Domino’s to tailor its messages depending on what was resonating with customers.  


Domino's Phrasee results

Domino’s put its “crust” in Phrasee, and now it’s making “dough,” thanks to a 57% average click rate uplift and 26% email open rate uplift. 

“Phrasee’s AI honed in on what makes our audience tick … and our email results have been awesome ever since.”
– Nicola Keane, CRM Manager, Domino’s

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