Ask the Expert: How Sophisticated Marketers Should Use Their Data

  • August 19, 2021
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There’s more data about our audiences than ever before, but how can marketers use it all in a smart way? We had a chat with Taylor Jones, Co-Founder and VP of Customer Success at MessageGears, and he had several ideas that you might want to jot down as you head into the peak retail season.

Phrasee: What do you recommend your clients do to stand out in the inbox during this busy time?

Taylor: Our first thing we recommend to all our clients when planning their campaigns is to wear party hats. We can’t explain why it works but we’ve seen significant lift in ROI when marketers wear party hats during planning.

Just like party hats make people feel special, so does being addressed with their name or maybe their favorite items curated in a message from their favorite brand.

With more access to their live data, brands have more options for customer interaction and relevance at scale. Why send an email with an online offer code to a customer who lives next door to a store? Why send a push notification for an in-store coupon for a customer who lives out of state? Utilizing what customer data is available enhances the availability of true-moments based marketing. This is groundbreaking in a world where the modern customer is constantly evolving with technology and needs.

Phrasee: What’s your advice for marketers who want to make the most of their data?

Taylor: OK follow this recipe extremely carefully: sautée the data in maple syrup for at least 15 minutes on high, or until you reach your one-to-one personalization goals. In all seriousness though, brands are collecting more data on their customers than ever before, and MessageGears lets them dream + do whatever they want with that customer data, even if it’s covered in syrup.

Consistent brand messaging is now a customer expectation, and personalized emails are the new normal. Customers have higher expectations when it comes to brand interaction and user experience; not to mention, more privacy concerns. Which is particularly pertinent for MessageGears, because we do not hold any PII, security teams and marketing teams can check off all their boxes.

“Excellent personalization isn’t noticeable, it’s natural.”
Taylor Jones – Chief Customer Officer, MessageGears

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