Ask the Expert: CX Focus Leads to a Big Year for Braze

  • July 28, 2021
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Braze is a comprehensive customer engagement platform that powers relevant and memorable experiences and human connection between consumers and the brands they love. And what it does, it does very well – it recently reached the milestone of $200M ARR.

Naturally, we were curious about what’s working so well for one of our phavorite partners, which led us to having a chat with Matt McRoberts, Braze’s SVP of Global Alliances, about its secret sauce.

Phrasee: What advice do you give to the brands that you work with that you also take yourself?

Matt: Consumer expectations have never been higher. To be successful in today’s demanding world, brands need to respect and fulfill those expectations. Brands need to be thoughtful in their approach to communicating with their consumers; they need to listen, be authentic, understanding, and empathic. These ground rules provide an actionable blueprint for brands to achieve harmony with their engagement strategy.

Phrasee: What does a harmonious tech stack look like to you?

Matt: Partnerships are so important across all facets of technology. As the world continues to calibrate around data, it’s critical for brands to have a MarTech ecosystem strategy, and partnerships help enable that strategic approach. Legacy technologies employ a singular, siloed view of data and therefore have struggled to keep pace with the ever-evolving world of data streaming. Braze is very bullish on our Phrasee partnership and data integration. We have a strong overlap across key enterprise accounts. We both believe in the power of meaningful and authentic multi-channel communications between brands and their customers.

“Brands need to be thoughtful in their approach to communicating with their consumers; they need to listen, be authentic, understanding, and empathetic.”
Matt McRoberts – SVP Global Alliances, Braze

Phrasee: What do you think should be handled by your tech stack, and what do you think is best left to humans?

Matt: Technology enables brands to operate with tremendous scale whilst still delivering personalized one-on-one experiences. Instilling the necessary creative that is brand-centric can be optimized with data and technology. However, these experiences really do benefit from having that human touch.

Phrasee: What’s the best part about Braze?

Matt: Braze has such a talented team. We have created an authentic culture ripe with curiosity, ambition, and a ‘get it done’ attitude. The passion of our people has translated into the product; we’re continually innovating to take customer engagement to the next level and setting our customers up for success. We were able to double our ARR in 18 months and during a pandemic. We attribute this success to our continued focus on our customers’ needs and long-term results.


Keep doing what you’re doing, Braze. It sounds like it’s working.

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