Your voice.
Better language.

Meet the Phrasee Brain, powered by AI, deep learning, and dynamic optimization

Optimized brand language that boosts the bottom line

The Phrasee platform brings together artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, and our trademark customer-centricity as the only tool of its kind to generate, optimize, automate, and analyze language in real time. It gets smarter with every send, seamlessly delivering top-performing copy across your digital marketing campaigns. ‘And we’ll even help you track how all the customer love translates into dollar signs. Swoon!

The Phrasee Brain: Natural language generation

Get the industry’s most natural-sounding, on-brand, and scandal-proof copy on command. Phrasee tailors language to your brand’s style, tone, target audience, and campaign goals. After a quick spin through our proprietary NLG algorithm, you’ll see creative, fluid brand language that’s guaranteed to engage your customers and capture your brand’s unique sound.

The Phrasee Brain:
Deep learning

Overachiever is our middle name. Phrasee automatically learns and improves with every campaign as it delivers top-performing brand language via our deep learning engine. Combining your customer data and automated experimentation, Phrasee feeds you the language that’s most likely to win your audience’s heart – driving more clicks today and more loyalty tomorrow.

The Phrasee Brain:
Phrasee X Dynamic Optimization

Phrasee X is the world’s first technology to automate language optimization across digital channels in real time. Thanks to ongoing experimentation that happens under the radar, you get only cream-of-the-crop copy each time you press send, at every step of the customer journey. No matter how your customers are interacting with your brand, Phrasee X helps you respond nimbly with a personal-feeling message that’s built to engage and convert.


Use Phrasee across your entire customer journey

  • attract
  • Attract a new audience to your brand. Fill the top of your funnel with your future brand superfans.

  • react
  • React in real-time to personally target and activate new and existing users with the right messaging at the right time.

  • engage
  • Turn one-time purchasers into brand superfans with on-brand messaging that drives response and down-funnel conversions.

  • convert
  • Convert effectively, closing the messaging loop with brand language that’s proven to take customers from “just looking” to “just had to have it.”

Turn clicks into loyal customers