A leading omnichannel sports retailer
scores loyal customers

The US-based brand hit a home run with AI-powered content

This sports retailer hit it out of the park when it joined Phrasee’s team. In fact, with the help of AI-optimized content, it shot to the top of the league tables with 10x ROI and a 57.3% average click rate uplift across its’ emails. Gold medals all round!

“Phrasee is a no-brainer: it gives us unique insights into how our language is resonating in real time, and AI-powered optimization to tailor our content around that.”
– Senior Director, Marketing Performance Media, Addressable Channels

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"Using Phrasee means we can experiment with our marketing language and hone in on the content that really resonates, then scale out that messaging for maximum effect on our engagement rates."

Channel Optimization Strategist