The Supercustomers: Your Testing Ground for Amazing Customer Relationships

  • October 12, 2022
Sally Beauty supercustomers webinar image

You don’t have to email everyone. We repeat: you don’t have to email everyone. This one goes out to all the marketers who are trying to get new customers or re-engage their lapsed subscribers. Sure, those groups matter – but the biggest opportunity lies with your Supercustomers. In this webinar, we spoke to Sally Beauty and Salesforce Marketing Cloud about how to supercharge your most engaged customer base – and how it’ll help you connect better with everyone else.

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Featured presenters

Sally Beauty

Clara Montiel

CRM Manager of Strategy

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Rachel Boyles

Senior Product Marketing Manager


Jenny Murrie

Director, Customer Success

San Fenix

Andrea Bridges-Smith

Host and Moderator