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We are Phraseean AI-powered SaaS platform that revolutionizes customer experiences through Brand Language Optimization. 

It started with a simple idea. Language is the crux of all marketing. And yet there was no technology that could make marketing language better. So, we built it, brick by painstaking brick. And the rest is history.

Fast forward to today and over 300 million people across the world have experienced Phrasee-generated copy. Our unique technology generates and optimizes marketing copy for some of the world’s leading brands, including eBay, Dixons Carphone, Domino’s, FARFETCH, Sephora and Virgin Holidays.

Our growth plans are fast and global and we want YOU to be a part of it.

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If you’re a recruitment agent and you’re reading this page, then you will realize that, while we love you as human beings, we just don’t want you to call us. If you call us about these jobs then you will be added to our wall of shame!

Our vision, values and history

Our vision: To help brands say it better with Brand Language Optimization

We are obsessed with language – why some works, why some doesn’t, and how we can use advanced technology to answer these questions.

Now, you’d think most people would care about this. But most people don’t even know there is a way to 1) have a machine write your copy with the click of a single button and 2) be able to predict what language is good – and what’s bad – at scale, and accurately.

The old ways of working – guessing which phrase is best, arguing over who’s a better writer, or trusting some “expert’s” advice – don’t cut it anymore.

We CAN’T do much for the marketers of the past, who are stuck in their old ways of thinking.

We CAN do a lot for the marketers of the future, however.

These values drive us (and are the secret ingredient in our awesome-sauce)

At Phrasee, Our team make Big Ideas a Reality while having a lot of Fun.

Our values are simple:

Big Ideas: We are solution finders & problem solvers. We believe every single person has an Einstein-esque idea or two hidden somewhere in their brains. We love new ideas and challenging preconceived assumptions.

Fast: We tackle big ideas with a sense of urgency, high energy, and enthusiasm. Every single person, from the CEO to the latest person who joined, has the chance to make a difference here.

Fun: We have a spirit of playful discovery that allows individuals at all levels collaborate freely. We like to keep perspective, this isn’t neurosurgery; it’s okay to laugh!

We should probably add one more here – diversity. What we’ve learned is that having lots of viewpoints, from lots of different perspectives, builds a stronger business. Our team is mostly located in the UK and North America. But they’re originally from all over – the UK… the USA… Lithuania… Canada… India… to mention just a few. Oh yeah – over half the team are female, which is mega rare in AI and tech companies. However, we haven’t done that because it’s trendy. To be honest, it’s simply the fact that the most qualified people for lots of the roles happened to be women.

Our history

On February 23rd, 2015, Parry Malm, CEO, Neil Yager, PhD, Chief Scientist, and Victoria Peppiatt, CRO, collectively founded Phrasee: the industry-leading technology that’s being used by some of the world’s most respected brands.

It all started with a simple idea: the language you use in your marketing is the crux of all your marketing efforts. And yet there was no technology on the market that could make it better, that was quick to use, and that didn’t sound spammy or robotic. So we built it, brick by painstaking brick. And the rest is history.

Fast forward to today and over 300 million people across the world have experienced Phrasee-generated copy. Gartner named us a Cool Vendor in 2018 (pretty cool, we know). CB Insights named us 2017’s Most Innovative AI Company. And in 2016, we were named the UK’s best new business.

We have offices in the UK and the USA, and are proudly backed by Galvanize Capital, Next15 PLC and Albion Capital.

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