We help brands drive customer engagement

Phrasee is rewriting the digital marketing playbook one optimized marketing message at a time.

Who we are

We’re an AI-powered SaaS platform that revolutionizes customer experiences through AI-powered content.

Phrasee helps visionary enterprises enhance and personalize their customer experiences by optimizing the language they use across the full customer journey and spectrum of digital brand channels.

The Phrasee platform brings together artificial intelligence and computational linguistics as the only tool of its kind to generate, optimize, automate, and analyze language in real time. Our effortless platform is proven to boost customer engagement and increase lifetime value – all while adhering to your unique brand standards and brand voice.

Why we exist

All brand communications are predicated on one thing: content.

In spite of its central role to marketing success, brand messaging remains looked upon as a Dark Art – exempt from the scientific rigor applied across the rest of the marketing funnel. Phrasee set out to accomplish the impossible: putting science (and sentiment) behind words.

We believe that marketers should have access to cutting-edge technology to optimize the marketing content they use – helping them to create and capitalize on operational efficiencies, engage with customers, and grow their brand and business. With an effortless change to a small part of how companies operate, Phrasee delivers huge impact on how their customers interact with them.

Every day we show marketers that brand language is the gatekeeper of customer loyalty and engagement – and they can master the art and science of marketing messaging with Phrasee.

Our promise to you

We obsess over your success.

Every interaction with Phrasee brings surprise, delight, and deeper understanding. Our customers enjoy truly special, seamless relationships with us – one that’s defined by strategic partnership, deep listening and empathy, a spirit of playful discovery, and our signature, “Yes! We’re actually happy to be here!” vibe.

We do what we do so you can build more meaningful, profitable relationships with your customers.

"Phrasee makes you money, so you’re likely to get your bonus.”

Gareth Jones, Former CMO, eBay UK

The Phrasee Phamily

Our customers think we’re kinda nuts, but they love us anyway.

Proven results: No more guessing and hoping; you can see the exact impact we have on your marketing results.

We make you look good: “Phrasee makes you money so you’re more likely to get your bonus.” Thanks Gareth, former CMO of eBay UK – we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

We get you: Ecommerce, financial, hospitality, insurance, media, retail, telecoms, travel – we’ve worked across so many verticals, and we know them all well.


We keep your voice intact: Anyone can brute-force a spike in response using devious methods (tip: use “Free Beer!” as your next subject line and you’ll see what we mean). But your brand is unique, like a snowflake or a Cheeto, so the language we generate for you will be too.

We’re phun: Listen, we love marketing and we take it seriously. But while we’re sharing our knowledge, we’ll do our absolute best to make it entertaining. We hate being bored, and we promise not to bore you.

"Working with the Phrasee team is INSANE!
And I say that with love and passion, it's brilliant."

Mark Croucher, Head of Customer Experience, Virgin Atlantic