Email split testing is a science.

Our friends at Campaign Monitor and Action Rocket  invited Phrasee to present at their recent #FutureOfEmail conference in Shoreditch, London, a couple of weeks ago.

About 150 email marketers from around the UK came together to discuss all things email…  and it was pretty awesome.

Phrasee’s CEO Parry Malm spoke about the science behind email subject line split testing.

In his speech, Parry covered off a bunch of interesting stuff, including:

  • How most people test to re-confirm their own bias, instead of challenging them
  • Why many email marketers measure the wrong stuff when judging subject lines
  • What the most common frustrations are with email subject line split testing
  • What the correct statistical methodology is to learn as much as possible

Parry says a lot in this presentation, but here’s a few tidbits:

“You should treat every split test like a clinical trial. Would you take a pharmaceutical if it hadn’t undergone rigorous clinical trials? I sure hope not…”

“This is the problem with email split testing: the experiments are designed with huge amounts of bias. It’s Bob versus Fred. That’s not a good experiment.”

Over 70% of email marketers only email split test once in a while.”

“If anyone tells you that split testing is no longer necessary: they are categorically and scientifically incorrect.

It’s an informational… and entertaining video! (Although we’re biased – clearly not a very good split test!)

Other speakers included:

Check out everyone’s videos here…

Phrasee extends a big “THANK YOU” to the good people at Campaign Monitor and Action Rocket for putting together this fantastic event.

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